Gen. Michael Flynn’s past is so shady, he will most likely not be confirmed as Trump’s National Security Adviser. His son though, Michael G. Flynn, deserves some attention. He is constantly tweeting his opinion on Twitter and Facebook. The expletive filled racial comments are very disturbing, and even a little creepy.


The younger Flynn and Donald Trump have been seen speaking together in private. He is a very big supporter of Trump, and has spent the election tweeting derogatory comments about Hillary and some of Donald’s GOP opponents.

Michael G. Flynn often shares unsupported conspiracy theories such as, hackers were about to post a video of Bill Clinton raping a teenage girl and that Obama flaunted an erection to a female reporter in 2008.

During the election, Michael G. Flynn devoted a lot of creativity to Sen. Marco Rubio’s “coke house, gayish dance troupe and foam parties.”


What is a “gayish dance troupe”? You’ll find out what a foam party is is in the next paragraph.

He posted an unsupported article about Rubio being a homosexual who lived in a drug house. After a long day on the Hill, when Rubio would come home, he would attend these “foam parties” where “mutual masturbation is an occasional component, generally beneath the cover of foam.”

That is a weird image indeed. But even more weird is to imagine the mind that came up with that one.


Other refreshing topics featured on Michael G. Flynn tweets are questioning whether Clinton campaign chair John Podesta had a “torture chamber” and videos linking Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton, the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi terrorists.

As apparently unhinged as this conspiracy theorist is, he serves as his father’s chief of staff and top aide. Apparently, Trump is not the only (American) politician who likes to give his family important positions in his cabinet – this is an effective way of funneling more money into your immediate family.

***WARNING***** This will be the main adviser to one of our president’s main advisers. 

What a long and strange trip the next four years will be……..