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December 2016

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump/Immigration

Will Trump’s Hatred for Hispanics Affect his Leadership Skills

Trump has been busy the past several weeks before opening day. He has met with tech industry leaders, football heroes, Mitt Romney, Michele Obama, and even Kanye West. However, he has not met with a single Hispanics leader. Trump’s decision to meet with Kanye West before Hispanic leaders is very indicative. During the election, Trump viciously berated the Hispanic population with insults. Trump called Hispanics “rapists” and accused them of bringing drugs and crime into… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump

Here is One Benefit Produced by a Trump Presidency that No One Could Disagree With

Can you think of a benefit to America Trump has already produced? Anyone who reads my articles knows that I am the last person to credit Trump. Trump’s entire campaign has been example after example of how NOT to run a campaign and how NOT to run America. In the future, every poli-sci course will study the Trump election as the anti-thesis of a good campaign. Don’t be the lead defendant in a class action… Keep Reading


Why do Republicans Want to Deprive Your Children of Healthcare so Badly?

Obamacare is really only as effective as the political views of the person that you are asking. Despite that both of these politicians are very smart, ask Obama and then ask Paul Ryan to discuss the effects of our nation’s healthcare, their answers will be like night and day. Let us abstract a more unbiased approach to discerning an answer to this predicament. Just the facts, mam. According to Health and Human Services, more than… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump/Media

CNN Commentator Ben Ferguson is One Fat Hypocrite

About a year ago, CNN political commentator and radio host Ben Ferguson and Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson were duking it out on a morning CNN show. The debate regarded Trump’s intentions to raise money for wounded warriors. Ben Ferguson has always been a conservative commentator, but ever since the start of the primary season, Ben Ferguson disliked Trump. During that particular exchange, Ben Ferguson was blasting how Trump “benefiting” veterans was the epitome of… Keep Reading

Trump’s Latest Lie is a Betrayal to Veterans, as he Now Pushes to Privatize VA

During the election, Trump regularly professed his will to improve the VA. After meeting with a group of healthcare executives recently, president-elect Trump has decided to change the VA to allow some veterans to get care exclusively from private-sector hospitals, an official said. This is all according to a Wall Street Journal article from yesterday entitled, ‘Donald Trump Considers Moving VA Toward Privatization’. Privatizing the VA would give veterans full choice over their healthcare. However, almost every… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Scott Walker

Scott Walker Implores Trump to Clear Some Federal Barriers

Scott Walker is an interesting politician. For one thing, he is one of the only presidential nominees that didn’t graduate college. Besides Truman, William McKinley who died in 1901, was the last president not to graduate college. Wikipedia William McKinley article Scott Walker’s governing skills have decimated Wisconsin. In fact, Scott Walker is a good blueprint on how NOT to be governor. Walker’s story is so corrupt and so disgusting, I refuse to write about it… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump

Turns Out Trump Will Just be More of the Same, No Change

They flocked to him because they saw him as change. Remember all those Trump rallies during the primaries? Remember those Trumpkins that stood in line for hours in the rain and snow just to be within a two hundred foot radius of their orange deity. I’m not knocking them. Without that unfettered slice of devotion, it is unlikely that Trump would have been crowned president. However, I question what caused such loyalty. Donald Trump was… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump

How Trump Destroyed the United States Football League

In 1983, the NFL encountered perhaps its only competitor. It was called the United States Football League. It promised to be just like the NFL, but more fun. The new league was composed of twelve teams. There were some differences in rules between the two leagues, USFL played in the spring and they permitted both replay challenges and two-point conversions after touchdowns. The games aired on ABC and ESPN. In the mid eighties a lot… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump

Trump is Getting His Revenge on New York for Not Voting For him

When Trump said he was running for president, most people laughed. To think city-slicker life-long-Democrat Donald Trump could win people in Kansas and Virginia was just a joke. Most people assumed at least he would have New York, one of the most lucrative electoral prizes on the map. After all, Donald Trump is New York. Everything about him screams the Big Apple. Though it seems as if Trump is slowly strangling New York. Revenge is… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Welfare

States That Use Obamacare the Most All Voted for Trump

A snapshot of our American political-demographic landscape could reveal some peculiar things. Focus on states that use the most governmental aid, and you’ll be shocked that those are the reddest of red states. Also, states won by Trump revealed the highest Obamacare enrollment numbers by the mid-December deadline. It’s like an episode of The Twilight Zone. The single ideology that unites every Republican is that moochers are bad. Every Republican abhors those minorities that sit in… Keep Reading

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