Bernie Sanders told CBS’s Face the Nation that Trump didn’t drain any swamps, as he vowed during the campaign season, instead he assembled a “cabinet of billionaires”.

By far, the slogan must be uttered by Donald Trump was that he would drain the swamps. Apparently, this is the only way to get rid of government corruption. Trump was supposed to tackle government corruption, instead, all of his nominations were selected depending on how much money they gave to him.

Politicians have always pledged to drive corruption out of our government. House Speaker Nacy Pelosi did it in 2006. After 9/11, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was going to “drain the swamp” of terrorism. Back in ’83, President Reagan self proclaimed central mission was “draining the swamp” of big government. Slate article

At the bottom of the swamp, is just sludge. The filthiest of all varmints swim through that swampy sludge all day. According to Bernie Sanders, Trump’s clever comparison that the government is a swamp, must also be comparing big business to that sludge sifting through the bottom of the swamp.

Bernie Sanders said,

“I guess they have a few poor millionaires on it, but, mostly, it is billionaires, and this is coming from a candidate for president, Mr. Trump, who told us he was going to take on the establishment. Well, maybe I am not seeing something here, but you don’t appoint the head of ExxonMobil to be secretary of state. That is not quite taking on the establishment.”

If Trump was aspiring to drain the government of big business corruption and then choosing nominees whose net worth is $14 billion, Trump is doing something wrong. Most of his nominations had never held an elected office, but rather their only attribute is that they donated millions of dollars to Trump.

Is that how to drain the swamps? Allowing people to buy their way into the government? Trump obviously has no desire to drain any swamp.

He has not even stepped into the White House and he has already back peddled on almost all of those pledges he made. Remember how everyone would chant ‘lock her up’ at his rallies, referring to the imprisonment of Hillary Clinton for some imaginary crime. Trump recently said about that, “That plays great before the election. Nah, we don’t care.”

That is why you get for believing snake oil salesman Trump, wearing his $7,000 suit ‘Made in China’, when he told you that he would bring your jobs back.