About a year ago, CNN political commentator and radio host Ben Ferguson and Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson were duking it out on a morning CNN show. The debate regarded Trump’s intentions to raise money for wounded warriors.

Ben Ferguson has always been a conservative commentator, but ever since the start of the primary season, Ben Ferguson disliked Trump.

During that particular exchange, Ben Ferguson was blasting how Trump “benefiting” veterans was the epitome of hypocrisy.

“This is a sick and vile move by a guy who likes to throw those words around: Donald Trump,” said Ferguson to host Chris Cuomo. “To use Wounded Warriors and their true battle scars to his political advantage, I would say this to Katrina: I’m not dumb enough to buy that this is about the veterans, because Donald Trump has never held an event for the veterans on his campaign.” Mediaite article

A more shining example of hypocrisy however, is Ben Ferguson. To be so anti-Trump and then, as if he was bitten by the Trump-bug, to be so pro-Trump defies the definition of a political commentator. He isn’t the only Republican who pulled a massive 180 this election season. It’ll be tough to find a Democratic who pulls that kind of fake shit.

Another example was in March of this year, when he discussed Trump’s wavering views on abortion.


“Three times yesterday he switched his position on abortion. If you know what you believe, when you are running for the presidency, this is not an ‘I got you’ liberal question, okay? This is what a president deals with.” Mediaite article

Ben Ferguson was one of Trump’s harshest critics early on. He was a big Ted Cruz supporter. However, he is a Republican. He could have kept on hating Trump, but that would have been lousy for his career. He has a big talk show. How many Republicans will listen to him, if he kept on bashing Trump? It was just a matter of time before Ferguson hopped aboard the Trump Express.

Republicans are all wagon-hoppers.

Hence, when Trump won the presidency, all of Ferguson’s venomous hatred turned into schoolgirl infatuation.

Now, Ferguson can’t stop defending his Orange Crusader. He was on CNN the other night, defending Ivanka and her embarrassing “coffee date” auction. NewsBusters article

Or when he defended Trump’s call with the Taiwanese leader on CNN. Or even how he defends all of Trump’s wacky nominations. He has become Trump’s biggest supporter.

Or, his reaction to every musical artist’s decision NOT to perform at Trump’s inauguration.

“Let’s not act like there is some big, ‘oh, I’m not going to show up, and I’m going to show it to Donald Trump.’ He will not remember this, I promise you. Show up. Do your job. If you don’t want to show up and stay home, and you want your 15 minutes of fame, congratulations. You got it.” DailyCaller article

Amazingly, Ben Ferguson has not lost a listener.

If only all of our faults could be forgotten as efficiently as Ben’s..

Russell Moore, is a prominent evangelical leader who was also against Trump during the presidential campaign. Unfortunately, he is having a tougher time than Ben being forgiven.

He called Trump “an awful candidate” and criticized “the old-guard religious right political establishment” for supporting him.

Moore is the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission leader. He is being attacked for his anti-Trump rhetoric.

“Since Dr. Moore has taken over, there are a lot of things that are being said on various issues that the Southern Baptist people at large don’t agree with,” says Bill Harrell, the pastor emeritus at Abilene Baptist Church in suburban Augusta, Ga. “It’s developed into a very touchy situation, and it needs to be addressed in some way.” NPR article