With Hillary in Hiding, Bernie’s Voice is Louder than Ever

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Hillary has been in hiding since her defeat. Any disagreements she might have had with Trump and his viciously conservative agenda, are hiding beneath her pillow.

Surprisingly, the only voice of opposition to Trump is coming from the Vermont Senator, president-nominee Bernie Sanders.

Bernie’s most recent call to arms, is by suggesting Americans stand together in protest against Donald Trump.

Hillary lost the race, not her political voice. She has one of the most prominent democratic seats in the country, only behind Obama. Why not use it? In these frightening times, why doesn’t she come out and speak? Pacify (more than) half the country that voted for her.

If you care for this country as much as you have claimed, why are you hiding out?

Bernie Sanders is in the same boat as Hillary. He lost the race, though he didn’t get as far as Hillary. If he followed Hillary’s example, and as soon as he lost the race, hid in some cabin in the woods, we would be deprived of the only voice of opposition to Donald Trump.

Instead, Bernie’s voice has gotten louder since the election. Bernie has 5 million likes on his Facebook page. This is more than any other member of Congress. According to his office, more than 100,000 people liked his Facebook page the day after Nov. 8. Vermont Biz article

“Facebook, Twitter and other social media allow us to talk about important issues that corporate media often ignore,” he said in a statement. “Social media is a vitally important tool to bring Americans together to learn from each other and help develop policies that work for all Americans, and not just the 1 percent.”

Trump has threatened to take away some of the most cherished aspects of American life. Medicare, for example, is one item that Republicans have been threatening to gut for years. Now that they are in control, the lifeline has started to flash.

As reported in Common Dreams, Trump’s transition website states it’s will to “modernize” Medicare. Undoubtedly, this cherry picked word actually means ‘privatization’. Common Dreams article

Trump selected Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) for Health and Human Services Secretary, all but hammering the last nail in Medicare’s coffin. Price has been one of Medicare’s biggest opponents.

Bernie was on top of that.

“You told the seniors of this country you were on their side, you told working people you were on their side,” Sanders said in a press conference marking the petition delivery. “You said you would not cut Social Security, you would not cut Medicare…millions of us are going to demand that you keep your promise.”

Bernie has also been publicly opposing every one of Trump’s nominations.

With Hillary silent, we should be grateful that at least we have Bernie’s resilient voice.

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  2. If his people had voted for Hillary she would have won the electoral vote too. They would not listen to him. One of my grandson who was a big fan of his would not vote for Hillary. He was voting for Stein. I said “but Bernie wants you to vote for Hillary” he says, Bernie sold out to “the man”. Isn’t it amazing how much they think they know when they are in their 20’s and when you get mature you never assume you know it all.

  3. Clinton-bashing bullshit.

    Bernie’s voice can be as loud as he can yell, but it hardly matters because he is powerless now. If Clinton-haters had been actually listening to Bernie before the general election, we wouldn’t have a dangerous idiot like Trump in charge, appointing the most corrupt team in history to ruin our world. And they wouldn’t be laughing at Bernie, because he wouldn’t BE powerless if the Democrats had won.

    It’s complete and utter BS to not vote for Hillary and then blame her for taking time off after the election. That’s like unjustly firing someone and then expecting them to keep working for you for free.

    I loved Bernie before most Bernie supporters ever heard of him, but long after he’s dead, Hillary will still be working on behalf of the rights of women, children and the underprivileged, like she has for decades.

    The Bernie-Or-Busters need to either finally grow up now and get a clue, or accept their responsibility for all the shit that’s going to be hitting the fans.

  4. Bernie was in hiding from July until the Senate session ended, and then he gave a few weak speeches for Hillary at the tail end of the campaign. Bernie had his young, newly political followers in the palm of his hand. He misled them about his getting the nomination, even after he lost, and he raised their false hopes to dangerous levels — so when they learned the truth, that everyone else already knew (save for the people who do not understand the rules) he dropped them like a bag of rocks. They ran into the arms of Stein and Johnson, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Bernie was silent all summer, when he was needed to rally the troops, and help us build a united front. So let’s not delude ourselves. Bernie is only loud now, because it suited him. And he has a book to sell.

    Hillary is likely crushed, and I know I and more than fifty percent of voters are crushed. The future with Trump is dismal, and getting more depressing by the day.

  5. Bernie threw Hillary under the bus on lies and innuendo about her speeches, without evidence, by touting a GOP-planted story. Bernie never bothered to pull Hillary out from under that bus — after he had run over her for months, and never recanted. So glad Bernie is speaking up loudly now, when the time is long past for his passion. He failed us for the entire summer, and I’m not getting over it, so quickly.

  6. It is by now very clear that Hillary uses crooked methods to defeat Sen. Sanders. It is also very likely that he would have defeated Trump. I do not say that as a Sanders supporter but only to be clear as to the reality of the situation.

  7. Hillary didn’t win because of Bernie and Jill Stein . To put Hillary down for their own advantage Bernie and Stein were using the same dirty stories about Hillary that Tramp’s company. They knew very well how that dirty stuff was created by Fox and Russian fake news, but this fact doesn’t stop them.

  8. Bernie used his voice to split the god damn party to which he disowned UNTIL he needed it as a self aggrandizing platform. HE SHOULD HAVE USED HIS LOUD FUCKING MOUTH 5 months ago to unite and instead kicked rocks. FUCK HIM.

  9. Yes, he is loud as ever unfortunately for the young people he bamboozled that is all he is. Loud. All talk, plenty of PR with target organizations then abandonment. Just another mediocre man who has lived off the system, because of his White Privilege. Nothing special.

  10. Lord please listen to our cry for help. The devil is here
    Protect ud from harm. Keep Satan away from your people keep us safe. We believe in you. We love you Lord. Please help us. In Jesus. Name i pray

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