Ever dream of sipping on a cup of tea and nibbling on some crumpets with Ivanka Trump…at Trump Towers!? Could you name three things in the whole wide world you would prefer to do more? For about $70,000, this dream could come true.

That was a few days ago.

As soon as The New York Times found out about this disgusting sale of presidential access, they made a call. Ten minutes later, Eric Trump, shut down the bidding.

Access to our president can be yours, at a steep price. Sort of scary.

On the site Charitybuzz, according to an NPR article, you could

  • bid $3,500 to have tea with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York..
  • bid $5,000 to have lunch with TV actress Julianna Marguiles.
  • bid $77,888 to have a cup of coffee with Ivanka Trump.

In Ivanka’s defense, the money would all be going to charity. Although the charity that she designated, raises some eyebrows. One lucky auctioneer would be writing a check to the Eric Trump Foundation. 

I can’t make this stuff up.

I could think of maybe a million things I’d rather spend that money on than having tea with Ivanka (maybe a root canal). However, if I had some sort of agenda and if I had the money, of course I would want the president or a close confidant of the president.

The New York Times found out about a few of these high bidders.

Other bidders include the owner of a Tex-Mex restaurant chain from Houston who wants to press Mr. Trump, through his daughter, about immigration policy, and a real estate executive and fringe presidential candidate from Florida who wants to send a message to Mr. Trump about election fraud.

The first family is gonna drain the presidency of every possible nickle and dime. Remember all those people at the Trump rallies saying how Trump has so much money therefore, he wouldn’t be corrupt? According to those nit-wits, Trump will just be concerned with the voters. They defended their support of him by saying, ‘Trump has so much money already, he doesn’t need anymore.’

Now, our country is in the hands of a two-bit con man, because those morons fell for his lies.