Can you think of a benefit to America Trump has already produced? Anyone who reads my articles knows that I am the last person to credit Trump. Trump’s entire campaign has been example after example of how NOT to run a campaign and how NOT to run America.

In the future, every poli-sci course will study the Trump election as the anti-thesis of a good campaign. Don’t be the lead defendant in a class action law suit for stealing elderly people’s life savings. Please feel free to show your taxes. Above all, if your number one platform is to hire Americans, don’t hire foreign workers.

Despite my disgust for this orange idol, I must give credit where credit is due. Maybe besides 9-11, never have I seen such unity in Washington.

Trump’s democratic opposition was expected. Democrats are known to be ineffective. For the most experienced presidential candidate to lose to the least experienced candidate is indicative of the parties behind these nominees. Hillary’s campaign was a jungle gym of bumbling hiccups. With Trump’s victory, the democrats were handed a big fat bone. With the majority of American’s disapproving Trump, all the democrats need to do is obstruct him.

The above picture, for example, is of a Trump University victim. God knows why you probably never saw that picture. Maybe if America knew this guy’s sob story, Trump would not be in office now.

Republican dissonance is only the icing on the cake. The main platforms of Trump’s campaign were these fantasy driven hallucinations, that could never have become reality. When Trump first uttered his call to lock up all Muslims or to kick Hispanics out of our country, Republicans shielded their faces in embarrassment.

Imagine Trump’s campaign without his immigration reform!

After Trump, the most important Republican is Speaker Paul Ryan. During the election, even Ryan refused to campaign with Trump in his home state of Wisconsin because of Trump’s ban on Hispanics and Muslims. Ryan vowed to obstruct Trump’s campaign push to end open borders. This vow will benefit Democrats and America alike.

If Trump fails in his immigration reform, or even if he under performs, like if The Great Trump Wall becomes a tiny fence, the only people still supporting him will turn against him.

If the rest of Trump’s term is as horrendous as everyone predicts, one benefit of a Trump presidency has already been unifying Washington. One by one, other Republicans are siding with Democrats in a battle against Trump.

Mitch McConnell announced that he will oppose Trump’s tax reforms.

Senator Lindsey Graham is joining Democrats in sponsoring new legislation to protect the “Dreamers” from deportation after their unlawfully granted legal status and work permits expire.

Senator Susan Collins will oppose Trump’s attempt to restrict Muslim refugees. Thereby, obstructing Trump’s passage.

In addition, Senator Lamar Alexander has vowed to protect major parts of Obamacare. Tancredo: Would Republican Establishment Consider Impeachment to Block Trump Agenda?

Trump’s opposition to Obama’s retaliation is another wedge driving him and the Republican establishment further apart. Every single government agency is convinced that Russia hacked our elections, although president-elect Trump does not. Trump has oddly been trying to benefit Russia by demanding they are innocent.

Republican establishment is calling for Russian blood. They wanted even harsher sanctions than those imposed by Obama. The good news is that as soon as Trump takes office, he could enact Republican establishment wishes and hit Russia hard. OR, Trump can remove the Russian sanctions.

“The retaliatory measures announced by the Obama Administration today are long overdue,” said John McCain and Lindsey Graham. “But ultimately, they are a small price for Russia to pay for its brazen attack on American democracy.”

The duo says they plan to “lead the effort in the new Congress to impose stronger sanctions on Russia,” showing Trump and a large faction of his party’s caucus disagree. Rollcall article