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Anti-Trump/Donald Trump/Media

Now More than Ever, We Must Emulate Zimbabwe’s Protests of Comedy

I’m sure there are plenty of people who didn’t dig my title. There are lots of ugly people, chances are they voted for Trump, who would be appalled with the suggestion that we emulate anything about Zimbabwe. Anyway, why would the most powerful nation in the world want to copy anything about Zimbabwe. New York-based magazine Global Finance ranked 184 economies from poorest to richest. In regards to international capital per GDP, the Democratic Republic of Congo… Keep Reading

Here’s How Trump Managed to Get Silicone Valley Wrapped Around his Fat Finger

During the presidential campaign, Silicone Valley seemed to be Trump’s biggest nemesis. In fact, when Trump won, according to The Guardian article, some in the tech industry were even suggesting that California secede from the United States. California is significantly more diverse and politically progressive than the rest of the country. In addition, California is the biggest economy in the United States and the sixth largest in the world. Uber investor and Hyperloop co-founder Shervin Pishevar twitted… Keep Reading

Another Trump Business Seeking Foreign Workers

Apparently, you can’t hire foreign workers, but the President of the United States can. During Campaign, While Instructing Americans Not to, Trump was Actually Hiring Foreign H-1B A few weeks ago, I wrote a story about how Donald Trump won approval from the US Labor Department in October to hire 64 foreign workers on the H-2B visa program for his Mar-a-Largo resort. During the campaign, he admitted he hired foreigners. He said he was a… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Ivanka Trump

UPDATE : One Person Got to Give Ivanka a Piece of his Mind on a Flight, Turns Out it Was All Planned

UPDATE: It turns out that the altercation with Ivanka and her kids aboard a Jet Blue flight was planned. The above tweet clearly proves, Ivanka was spotted and chased by Dan Goldstein. Aboard the flight, Dan began to berate Ivanka and her children. ______________________________________________ According to a FoxNews article, Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka and her three children were traveling in coach on a JetBlue flight when a man began screaming at them. FOX is my source, so… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump/Eric Trump

Eric Trump Foundation Funnels Money From Cancer Hospital to His Family

An article in the New York Times written yesterday, Trump’s Son, Fearing ‘Quagmire,’ to Stop Soliciting for Charity, really made me question my journalistic integrity. My articles have not been very nice to Eric Trump and his “foundation”. I was convinced that the Trump clan was a group of two-bit hustlers. However, according to the article, For Mr. Trump, 32, charitable work has long been a point of pride, and in a statement issued to The… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump

Will Tom Arnold Take Down Trump or Is he Just Smacking out True Lies?

I’ve never been much of a Tom Arnold fan. Except, True Lies was an awesome flick. However, his recent threat to the Donald could redeem him in my eyes. Actor Tom Arnold was on “The Apprentice” a few seasons ago. Apparently, he has outtakes featuring President-elect The Donald, using very offensive language. “I have the outtakes to ‘The Apprentice’ where he says every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever. It was him sitting in… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump/Eric Trump

Trump Family Caught in Same Pay-for-Play Scheme they Accused Clinton of

Do you remember the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play accusations? Trump accused the Clinton Foundation of taking huge amounts of money just to have meet and greets. According to the accusations, Hillary would put a steep price on meeting with some wealthy foreigner. Now, the Trump family is committing the same exact baseless scheme. There are some key differences though. The Clinton Foundation is one of the largest most charitable organizations in the world. They donate their… Keep Reading

Election/Hillary Clinton

Hillary Refused Bernie’s Help

I voted for her, I campaigned for her, and I wrote about seven trillions articles for her. No one can say shit to me about not supporting her. But from one angry Hillary supporter, I will tell you that we lost because of her team. Bernie’s team tried to help, but Hillary refused it. I take that back…sort of. Hillary’s defeat was the product of a multitude of different factors. Trump, Russia, WikiLeaks, Bernie, James… Keep Reading

Trump, Nationalism and America

“Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”  – Albert Einstein “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.” – Abraham Lincoln We have not been defeated by ISIS. However, the same thirst for “purity” that conquered ISIS is about to devour us. Everywhere across the world, leaders that glorify isolationism and nationalism are winning elections. Don’t blame Donald Trump. Rather, blame the global virus that gave rise to Marine… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Impeachment

Good Grief! Donald J. Trump Will be our Next President

America is grappling over the painful realization that Donald Trump will be our next president. As a result, democrats everywhere are crying. In terms of getting Trump booted from the White House, the Electoral College was never a feasible option. Let’s say the heavens opened up today, Zeus hurled his lightning bolt and all the planets were aligned. As a result, Trump lost the Electoral College. If this grand miracle transpired, then the election would… Keep Reading

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