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Donald Trump/Emoluments Clause

Trump Supporters Should be Wanting Trump to Separate State from his Business

During the campaign, no matter what Trump did, his supporters flocked to him in droves. No one cared when he called Mexican rapists, or when he was charged with sexual assault, or even when he was charged with defrauding hundreds of high school graduates. He could have shot someone on Fifth Avenue, and they would still be standing outside of his rallies at four in the morning, trying to get a good seat. Even the… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Economy

Trump’s Economic Team Aims to Fatten Trump’s Wallet Signficantly

Economic lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were destroyed during the Great Recession of 2007-2009. If it wasn’t for a taxpayer-financed rescue totaling $188 billion, both of these GSEs (Government Sponsored Entities) would have been done. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy up mortgage loans made by banks, which in effect, allows the banks to make more loans. These loans are bundled by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into highly marketable debt securities. Marketable because of a… Keep Reading

Ivanka Wants You to Pay Almost $80,000 to Go on a Date With her

Ever dream of sipping on a cup of tea and nibbling on some crumpets with Ivanka Trump…at Trump Towers!? Could you name three things in the whole wide world you would prefer to do more? For about $70,000, this dream could come true. That was a few days ago. As soon as The New York Times found out about this disgusting sale of presidential access, they made a call. Ten minutes later, Eric Trump, shut… Keep Reading


How Green is Trump’s Silicon Valley?

When Trump was crowned president, the tech industry was petrified. As early as July, Silicon tech-industry business leaders publicly denounced Trump on many different issues. After all, Silicon Valley is a multi-national community in liberal California. They look past nationalities and value a person’s drive and intellect. For them to embrace a politician like Trump, who soared to fame after denouncing certain minorities and banning religions from entering our country, is a stark contrast. However, in… Keep Reading

Election/Hillary Clinton

Part I – Let the Finger Pointing Begin – Why did Hillary Lose?

As much as it pains me to write these words, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was riddled with holes. Her defeat was the product of many campaign mistakes, outside forces, as well as the social atmosphere. All of these things produced the perfect storm that Hillary just couldn’t circumvent. Why did she lose? Our list of suspects is too long to include in one article. So, here are my first three. Suspect #53 – Huma Of the… Keep Reading

Now, it is the Democrats Turn to Obstruct

Earlier this month, CNN political commentator Van Jones hosted a special town hall event called The Messy Truth. The event was certainly uplifting, as Van Jones abstracted ideas and thoughts about the election from guests as well as audience members. At the end of the event though, the audience could be heard gasping with shock as Michael Moore implored congressional democrats to block and obstruct everything Trump tries to pass. “No, no, no, no, no this is not… Keep Reading


Seeking a Raft in the Sea of Darkness

A Trump presidency looms under the Christmas tree like a life sized Chucky doll waiting to burst from it’s box and murder the daft and trusting family. As soon as the box is opened, the darkness is unleashed. Also under the tree, is a box set of prophetic Dr. Seuss books: “The Lorax” – a tale of environmental decimation resulting from the greed of industry. “The Sneetches” – a story about social exclusion in a… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump/Putin

The Dark Triad has Won: The Carnage of Trump, Exxon and Russia

Trump has changed his opinion on a lot of issues. His one constant idea however, has been his devotion to Putin. All over the world in fact, leaders in recent elections have vowed allegiance to Putin. Trump would not be the only populist candidate who benefited from Putin’s donations. As do all players in the Dark Triad, Russia has a lot at stake. Dark Triad player #1 – Russia Russia loaned well documented transfers of… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Rodrigo Duterte

Why is Philippines Leader Becoming Trump’s Greatest Ally?

In May, the Philippines elected Rodrigo Duterte as the country’s president. Apparently, America is not the only country to recently elect crazy people who say crazy things during a crazy election. While the entire world is keeping their distance from this mad man, why is he one of the first leaders Donald has invited to the White House? Could it have anything to do with Trump Tower at Century City in Makati, Philippines? The building is… Keep Reading

Bernie Sanders/Donald Trump

Bernie Questions Trump’s Swamp Draining Skills

Bernie Sanders told CBS’s Face the Nation that Trump didn’t drain any swamps, as he vowed during the campaign season, instead he assembled a “cabinet of billionaires”. By far, the slogan must uttered by Donald Trump was that he would drain the swamps. Apparently, this is the only way to get rid of government corruption. Trump was supposed to tackle government corruption, instead all of his nominations were selected depending on how much money they… Keep Reading

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