Why do Republicans Want to Deprive Your Children of Healthcare so Badly?

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Obamacare is really only as effective as the political views of the person that you are asking. Despite that both of these politicians are very smart, ask Obama and then ask Paul Ryan to discuss the effects of our nation’s healthcare, their answers will be like night and day.

Let us abstract a more unbiased approach to discerning an answer to this predicament. Just the facts, mam. According to Health and Human Services, more than 11.3 million people have signed up for the Affordable Care Act.

“We’re seeing unprecedented demand” for coverage, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell said in a statement, which noted that the consumers now seeking coverage “are increasingly young, engaged and shopping for the best plan.” Washington Post article

If we can agree that “unpresidented” amounts of people are obtaining healthcare now because of Obamacare, why then are the Republicans trying so hard to take it away from the people who voted them in? A better question is, what morons are actually voting for these politicians who are striving to take healthcare from their children?

“This disaster of a law has led to massive premium spikes, less choice for patients and a collapse of the exchange markets, and no amount of spinning from the White House can hide this ugly reality,” AshLee Strong, a spokeswoman for Speaker Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, said Wednesday.

Huh? Millions of more people are covered. Why don’t you mention that?

How could the Speaker of the House, one of the most important positions in our country call something a disaster that brings health coverage to more than 20 million Americans?

Even in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin, the amount of uninsured has been sliced in half as a result of Obamacare. Boston Globe article

In their defense, Republican’s have to fight Obamacare like an army of zombies descending the mountain. Remember how hard they tried to block the Affordable Health Care Act? In fact, they spent more time trying to block healthcare for your family than any other legislation in American history.

They started the fight and they have to keep fighting. Even if it means taking away something that could make you and your sister healthier, they have a point to prove.

You voted them in. Now you could sit in your shit.



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  1. b/c the GOP are bastards that were jealous of PRESIDENT OBAMA accomplishing what they could not accomplish. THEY have tried 60 some odd number of times to repeal. NOW, IF you repeal, they will be looked at as the DEATH PANELS they are….the GOP SHITS EVERYWHERE.

  2. because it cuts taxes for the rich. the key trait between pyschopaths and sociopaths is this… both cannot or will not feel empathy for others and self preservation is their top priority… if they feel their taxes are too high (or simply don’t pay taxes) they really won’t care if a family they will never have to see goes bankrupt trying to keep a loved one alive. they will even justify with out blinking an eye that its their fault they are in that situation and if they didn’t get sick in the first place and worked harder or their parents worked harder they wouldn’t need goverment hand outs. but goverment subsidies to their companies is a okay because they are “job creators”….

  3. Right now they get people from India to kill Americans because they come from a poor country without real healthcare. Don’t believe me? Go work in healthcare for a while…. When you restrict healthcare from someone, they’ll grow up and kill you faster than a soldier.

    • Joy D Motte that’s the belief when we are taught right about the Bible but a twisted person will take love thy neighbor as we can have sex with them because god said so. This is their mentality so the Bible they tote is only the cover with their twisted version of it. They are just sick in the mind so the Bible they tote is not the same Bible we read in Sunday school

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