Scott Walker Implores Trump to Clear Some Federal Barriers

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Scott Walker is an interesting politician. For one thing, he is one of the only presidential nominees that didn’t graduate college. Besides Truman, William McKinley who died in 1901, was the last president not to graduate college. Wikipedia William McKinley article

Scott Walker’s governing skills have decimated Wisconsin. In fact, Scott Walker is a good blueprint on how NOT to be governor.

Walker’s story is so corrupt and so disgusting, I refuse to write about it again. I wrote this a few months ago, PoliticalHaze article.

Walker last saw The Donald on the primary debate stage. Walker was a nominee as well. As soon as The Donald won, Scott Walker raced to his side to see what gifts he could shake out of that orange tree.


“Too often, states have become mere administrative provinces of an all-powerful federal government in Washington,” Walker said in a statement. “Now is the time to reverse that trend. These requests are the first of many my administration will make as Wisconsin leads the effort to restore balance between state and federal government.” JSOnline article

You don’t have to be the sharpest political analyst to guess what was on Walker’s wish list. His wet dream list is the same as every shit-kicking Republican politician this side of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

1 – Higher costs for health risks – Impose new restrictions on adults in Wisconsin’s Medicaid program making less than the federal poverty level of $11,880 per year. Let them eat cake! Walker wants a higher premiums for those who engage in risky health activities, like smoking. Though, cleverly, what he means by ‘risky’ is left floating in the clouds.



2 – Wolf hunting – Walker also wants to bring back hunting seasons for wolves. His inability to go wolf hunting was one of Walker’s biggest grievances.

3 – Air quality – The governor also wants the President to lift limits on pollutants in Wisconsin. These environmental regulations make big Wisconsin factories have to pay a lot of money. In addition, the regulations that Walker is trying to get rid of drastically reduce cardiovascular illnesses.

JSOnline article

Don’t hold your breath, but I’m curious to see if all of Walker’s elbow grease pays off. Wasn’t this the kind of backroom dealing that our virtuous president-elect campaigned on? His loyal supporters argued that Trump was so wealthy, he didn’t need to engage in those shady and secret and under-the-table meetings.

In thirty years, if you’ve grown up in Wisconsin, and you start coughing up blood, you’ll know who to thank.

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  1. There are a couple things wrong with what Trump is saying. First off, he has to put this though the legislative branch, and this could take years. He also is not telling you that this so called tax break proposal is only for the elite 1% of American Corporations. This means there will be loop holes, where they can continue to charge higher prices while they outsource and manufacture overseas.

    This is trickledown economics. If anyone was alive from the years of 1981-1989, 1989-1993, and 2000 to 2008, this is one of the first things the Reagan, Bush and Bush Jr. Administrations did, and it failed miserably. Gas prices increased in 2004, and the Oil Giants made record breaking profits for about 5 years for example. Where were those so called jobs? The rich got a whole lot richer, and the poor got a whole lot poorer. This is how Trump got much of his money and wealth.

    If Clinton got into office, people like Trump will be paying their fair share of taxes. Right now he pays ~0~ zero. However, if Clinton got into office, Trump and all his 1 % cronies will be paying 45% in taxes, and rightfully so. Besides, the economy is doing well right now, and there are jobs available, just search on the internet. Like I mentioned before the trickle down economic theory is a total failure.

    Alan Greenspan was an advocate of it, and it never worked then, and it will not work now. Look up Trickledown Economics, under Robert Reich, or do a little more research about what Bernie Sanders has been campaigning for, and you will find that what I am conveying is true. I don’t even think Trump has any clue about how this government works in the first place. He doesn’t live, and he has never lived a normal life like anyone who is considered middle class, or poor. Please keep that in mind when he talks to you like he is your friend, because he is not.

    Trump’s message is more commonly referred to as what is known as “special interest”. One more point that I would like to include here is if you make $50,000 a year, you do pay taxes. For food stamp subsidies, and housing subsidies, or welfare you will pay about .15 cents a day; however, for Corporate Bankruptcies, and Corporate Bailouts you also pay about $32.00 a day. Who should you be angry with? Trumps claimed Corporate Bankruptcy 4 times, and the U.S. Taxpayers have made him wealthy, and he is proposing tax breaks for the rich who you pay for?

    Give me a break, we have been through this before, and its old news. Trump is a liar, and his special interest is a conflict of interest in being the President of United States of America. This is just a side show from what Trump is hiding.

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