Lots of people are dreading seeing Donald Trump Oompa Loompa on the news every night for four years. Right now, legal ways are being sculpted to avoid such a hindrance. I have written articles on most of them. The recount is probably the most legitimate strategy. Other ideas include impeachment (for different reasons), audits, pending litigation and conflicts of interest. But are any of them a sure thing? Outer space could be a solution that pleases everyone.


Autumn Boehle of Detroit has devised one infallible idea. She is collecting signatures to have NASA escort Trump into space….and just leave him there – like an orange asteroid, aimlessly drifting through the cosmos.

Change.org petition

As ridiculous as the idea sounds, it could be the only way for the country to avert impending catastrophe. As of the moment of writing this article, 75,836 signatures have been collected.

Let’s be real. Everyone knows that you can’t just launch a piece of trash into space and never worry about it again. There is so much trash floating around space that it obstructs satellites and could cause severe damage to the International Space Station.

1We launch Donald into space and he would be soaring at such lightning speeds that if he collided with an astronaut during a spacewalk or even one of our ships, the destruction could be cataclysmic.

If the trash reaches the sun’s atmosphere, of course is destroyed. All trash that is launched from earth is aimed at the sun. But there is always a chance that a comet or some unknown factor could knock the object off track and make it miss the sun. In that case, Donald Trump could be drifting through the cosmos for eternity.

Sure, he might not be in our galaxy any more. But firing him into another solar system is just spreading the carnage.

Another thing to consider would be what might happen if there was an accident and the garbage didn’t actually get to the sun. We would have earth trash littering the various outer areas of space and floating into the universe. Polluting the universe in the same way that we are polluting the earth. Planet for Kids article