Not even a week ago I wrote this in an article. I cite experts doubting that Trump could get Carrier to stay in America and not move to Mexico :

What a victory it would be for Trump, if he could convince them to stay in America! Many union experts though, think this is very unlikely. Bernie is trying to force Trump to do just that.

Chuck Jones, president of United Steelworkers Local 1999, said “I think it’s all a PR move. Trump said what he said when he was campaigning. We’ve been calling him out, that he made promises Carrier wouldn’t move. In order to do something, I think he came up with this.”

Carrier’s unionized workers earn between $15 to $26 an hour. Employees in Mexico would earn that much in a day, according to NY Times article. Carrier will pay Mexican workers a base wage of $3 per hour, $23 an hour less than the highest-paid workers in Indianapolis.

Carrier responded that it expects to save $65 million a year by moving operations to Mexico, Jones said.

“We’re not just talking about a little hurdle,” Jones said. “We’re talking about a whole hell of a lot of money. Shareholders and everybody else have already been informed that this is going to enhance their profitability. I’d be shocked if anything was done.”


It seems that the president-elect has defied everyone and managed to persuade Carrier to stay in the states. How he did this is unknown.

(Too bad Trump doesn’t listen to his own advice when hiring foreign visas as well as illegal aliens for his construction sites!)

Two things however are known.

  • One of Trump’s repeated goals during the campaign was to keep Carrier in the country.
  • Carrier is in Indiana, which is where Mike Pence, Trump’s V.P., is still governor.


Donald Trump is being hailed a hero. Of all newspapers, even The New York Times painted Carrier’s decision to stay as a Trump victory:

(Trump is)”a different kind of Republican, willing to take on big business.” “And just as only a confirmed anti-Communist like Richard Nixon could go to China,” the reporter continued, “so only a businessman like Mr. Trump could take on corporate America without being called a Bernie Sanders-style socialist.”

Let’s not forget that about ten percent of the company’s $56 billion in revenue comes from the federal government, especially military contracts, according to a New York Times article.


Even the staunchest Trumpkin could see how easy it would be for Pence to persuade Carrier to stay. Considering the stupendous publicity that Trump got with Carrier’s decision to stay in America, I’m sure whatever amount of our tax money that he spent was well worth it!

According to Carrier, in order for them to stay in America, Trump would have had to provide incentives greater than $65 million a year!