Trump is Getting His Revenge on New York for Not Voting For him

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When Trump said he was running for president, most people laughed. To think city-slicker life-long-Democrat Donald Trump could win people in Kansas and Virginia was just a joke. Most people assumed at least he would have New York, one of the most lucrative electoral prizes on the map. After all, Donald Trump is New York. Everything about him screams the Big Apple. Though it seems as if Trump is slowly strangling New York. Revenge is sweet!

New York was actually one of his worst states. He lost New York almost 2:1.

                         *New York Times

Apparently, Trump’s loss in his home state devastated him. As a result, Trump is exacting his revenge the only way he knows how – milking New York of dough. He is draining practically every penny from New York’s vaults.

Trump’s wife and kids, for some strange reason, refuse to live in the White House. Therefore, security costs New York about a million a day, according to three officials. Throw in the costs of protecting Trump’s adult kids and Trump’s grand kids, the price is costing New York tax payers an arm and a leg.

While primary responsibility for the protection of the president, or president-elect, rests with the Secret Service, local law enforcement is charged with assisting them, particularly in controlling movements of the general public. CNN article

To grind that ax a bit deeper into the skull of our New York tax payer, Trump’s decision to get rid of Obamacare will cost New York $5.7 billion, according to state Controller Thomas DiNapoli.

“A repeal of the Affordable Care Act could have devastating consequences for millions of New Yorkers and the state budget,” DiNapoli said. “If federal support for Medicaid and other health care initiatives is slashed, state policymakers would face a huge challenge to make up the lost funding or see health coverage diminished across the state.” NY Daily News article

Trump’s infrastructure plan could benefit New York, but that will be a long time.

Trump’s massive expenses come at a bad time for New York, as the state wrestles with an economy that’s slowing in job growth and tax revenue. DiNapoli said 2017 was already shaping up to be a tougher year financially.

“While we’re certainly seeing more positive signs than negative, the drop in revenue is going to be more challenging,” he said.





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  1. New Yorkers hate him, always have. He is a disgrace to our fine city. Only good thing about him getting elected was that he’d be out of here for a few years.
    Now we have to pay for the third lady and little Barron to the tune of a cool million per day? And, no the Feds aren’t willing to kick in a proportionate amount. The Feds, as usual, think. NYC should just deal with whatever shit gets handed to us.

  2. i still don’t understand why nyc is “obligated” to pay for HIS security. has to be something to do with foreign tax investors.. maybe?.. i now that there are billionaires from around the world who hide their fortunes in ny real estate an that moscow is reputed to have more of dem billionaires then well even nyc…

  3. Great research, Jordan. Its hilarious how for decades Toddler was seen ubiquitously at New Yawk City clubs, restaurants, sporting events and glowingly in the pages of the NY Post and Daily News. Now the orange toddler doesn’t dare show his sloppy mug around town and the coverage of him in the City’s premiere newspapers range from unfavorable to outright mocking for the most part.

  4. they are paying dearly for it if they pay for his security ..this is so bad , Like Michigan now he said he would ck into the flint water deal because they went red for him , I did NOT, he will never be my president never !!!

  5. we’re not so stupid. we know it’s a ooup. The Majority of Americans either dislike HIM or hate HIM. even IF HE got 60 millions votes (?) there are over 360 million “folks” in this country with at least 200 million of them of adult age. We do need the help of people in the free world because we do know that the MAN who POINTED at Clinto was really the one who was RIGGING the election all along. HIM and HIS FRIENDS here and “over there” in billionaire town moscow. so what do you suggest we need to know in “Todays America” Laureen King?

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