“Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”  – Albert Einstein

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

We have not been defeated by ISIS. However, the same thirst for “purity” that conquered ISIS is about to devour us.

Everywhere across the world, leaders that glorify isolationism and nationalism are winning elections. Don’t blame Donald Trump. Rather, blame the global virus that gave rise to Marine Le Pen in France, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West in Germany, the Brexiteers from England, Kaczynski in Poland, Chinese nationalists, Erdogan in Turkey and ISIS.

All of these leaders won by emphasizing the virtues of ethnic cleansing. This is very scary: fear is sculpting our world.

Islamists and Trump supporters do not adhere to the same ideology. To the untrained eye, these groups appear to be opposite. Actually, they are identical. It is hard to deny that both of these groups long for the same thing, “purity”.

Take a deep breath now. Why don’t we both sit down for a moment and reflect. Let’s look out that window, and admire America’s beautiful landscape. Look real close. Get your binoculars out if you can’t see it. Can you see the gathering storm clouds? Can you see something dark creeping across the horizon?

Lady Liberty has failed us. She was supposed to protect us from hatred and bigotry. Like when your great grandfather arrived on her shores, beaten and weary from a life of servitude. There were no autocrats here. There were no thrones one had to obey or faiths one had to worship. All he saw, as he stood on those docks, was boundless freedom.

The Statue of Liberty is proof that America was once friends with everyone in the world. Given to us by the French, when America was 100 years old, she is a symbol of freedom from tyranny. She once stood for openness. Her doors were once open to the world’s persecuted.

Remember when Obama was elected? That delicious exhilaration in the air inspired anyone who smelt it. It reeked of hope and change. Now, what do you see on Main Street? Fear and hatred is making us clench our fists in rage.

The problem is so much deeper than Lex Luthor becoming president. That same darkness you saw outside your window has taken over the world. Liberalism is dying. Across the world, people are closing their borders.

I put “purity” in quotes, cause it means different things to different cultures. What does make America great again really mean? Ask Trump supporters, and most of them will say something about immigrants, and keeping them out of our country. In other words, Trump supporters would like to keep their backyards “pure”.

In Europe, this movement is called identitarianism. The movement emerged in the early 2000s in France and quickly spread throughout Europe.

Identitarianism seeks ethnic and cultural homogeneity, and despises liberal universalism. Anything that welcomes foreigners is considered bad. Globalism is bad. The Globalist article

Robert Timm, a member of the identitarians in Berlin, Germany told NPR,

“You really have to look for Germans around here,” he said, while walking past a busy German subway station. “This is an area where I would not want to live, and I also wouldn’t want my kids to grow up here,” he said. “In Berlin, we do not only have one of these places. We have plenty of these places. And it’s becoming more and more and more.” Kosu article

A French identitariarist, an ISIS member, and a Trump supporter walk into a bar, could you spot the difference?

All of them adamantly are defending their homes from foreigners. They envision the way things used to be as “purity”. All of them have a romanticized illusion of the past. They will also agree that liberalism killed this “purity”. These groups are all at war with each other, but they would all agree that their ideal worlds have been shattered by progressive thinking. They prefer to go back.

A hard rains’ about to fall. Take cover.

Here is an article I wrote a few months ago,

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