Trump’s Latest Lie is a Betrayal to Veterans, as he Now Pushes to Privatize VA

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During the election, Trump regularly professed his will to improve the VA. After meeting with a group of healthcare executives recently, president-elect Trump has decided to change the VA to allow some veterans to get care exclusively from private-sector hospitals, an official said. This is all according to a Wall Street Journal article from yesterday entitled, Donald Trump Considers Moving VA Toward Privatization’.

Privatizing the VA would give veterans full choice over their healthcare. However, almost every veteran groups argues that such a move would be catastrophic for the VA. According to these groups, such a move would essentially reduce the quality of healthcare for our veterans.

“Veterans suffer very specific illnesses and injuries that come from the battlefield and that come from service and they tend to be multiple in nature,” said VA Secretary Bob McDonald. “Veterans want a doctor, or want a provider, who understands these illnesses and these injuries and knows how to deal with them and deals with them every day.”

Some people are furious that life-long draft-dodger Donald Trump, who ridiculed John McCain during the election for being captured in war, is making decisions that will affect the healthcare of our nation’s heroes.

Just look at this Politifact article from July, 2016, entitled, ‘Does Donald Trump want to privatize the VA?’ Tim Kaine, Hillary’s VP accused Trump of wanting to do just that.


During the election, Tim Kaine thought so. As soon as Tim Kaine accused Trump of wanting to privatize the VA, the Trump team fired back.

“No, it doesn’t have to be privatization,” Trump said. “What it has to be is when somebody is online and they say it’s a seven-day wait, that person’s going to walk across the street to a private doctor, be taken care of, we’re gonna pay the bill.” Politifact article

In fact, the Politifact article even rates Kaine’s assertion that The Donald would privatize the VA as ‘mostly false’. Even Politifact got it wrong.

Veteran advocate groups such as the American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America and Paralyzed Veterans of America, have all vowed to oppose Trump’s privatization moves.


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  1. If veterans are not educated as to how many times Republican politicians have just vetoed legislation , blocked veteran benefit to bills in committe so they never reach the floor, they will end up like the foolish coal miners that are losing their benefits thank to Republican politicians.

  2. Because people don’t pay any attention to current events, Paul Kodish. Watching FOX non-news is not a substitute for actually knowing what is happening in our world. Someone online tells a lie and a hundred people repeat it. Of course, it continues to multiply from there. If you only believe what you want to be true in the news (such as stories about “Lyin’ Hillary”) you don’t actually know what a given candidate will do. trump got elected by people who laughed at his cruel, rude jokes. Unfortunately, the joke is on America.

  3. Because the VA is swamped with new veterans coming home from combat, the GOP has resisted any attempt by Democrats to increase funding for the VA to add more employees. Now we may have to consider dumping some of the VA burden on the private sector which will cost tax payers even more money than it would have had to pay just to hire more VA employees. Make no mistake the blame for where we are is much more the Republicans than Obama’s.

  4. He didn’t visit one veteran on veterans day but he already thinks he can act as president and he’s not an acting president. He needs his meds adjusted and he needs to show up for his fraud and tax evasion and treason court cases!!

  5. Selling out the Vets for vast profits. Every thing he said to get elected was a bare faced lie. Look this idiot is a traitor and part of the Corporatist alliance take him away and flush him out an air lock…It should be illegal to profit from veterans’ health care. Actually, I think it probably is. destroying health care for we veterans – this from a man who engaged in great deception to avoid his patriotic obligation to his country. He has “privatized” the Presidency so what”s the big deal? He could name it Trump hospital for veterans and make sure he gets his fair share.
    Why would anyone in their right mind want to privatize any health care program? Health care should never be for profit. EVER.

    Yes. We have to let the big money guys make more money off our veterans. Vets have already fought the wars for their greed . Now they have to make money off their resulting conditions. Go figure! Well, The vets are going to love to pay after the sacrifice. But in Trump’s defense military people did vote overwhelmingly for him so I guess they are going to get what they voted for…..

    Trump’s Latest Lie is a Betrayal to Veterans, as he Now Pushes to Privatize VA


  6. Great that takes care of Russia. Now what about the American citizens? Every day Trump is in it will be another night mare for us.
    President Obama should disqualify Trump due to the Russians and we should have another election.

  7. He will NOT, and further more he cannot, he will have to go through every one of my brothers & sisters who fought, some giving their lives, for freedom and Democracy. If it’s a fight he wants, a fight he’ll get…so bring it on pantywaist Draft Dodger!

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