They flocked to him because they saw him as change. Remember all those Trump rallies during the primaries? Remember those Trumpkins that stood in line for hours in the rain and snow just to be within a two hundred foot radius of their orange deity.

I’m not knocking them. Without that unfettered slice of devotion, it is unlikely that Trump would have been crowned president.

However, I question what caused such loyalty. Donald Trump was a Democrat just a few years earlier. The entire Trump clan could not vote for Papa D in the primaries, because they were all registered Democrats. Donald Trump never even held an elected office.

Republicans had betrayed their voters for so long. Republicans only care about stuffing the top cat. They only care about those uber-wealthy few at the top.

Republicans could not vote for another Republican, and they sure as heck fire won’t vote for a Democrat. Donald Trump was the perfect answer. He was neither. He is an outsider.

Every Republican this side of the Mason Dixon line swore allegiance to The Donald because they viewed him as change.

But was that all a lie? One is a politician working to supply money to the top .01%. Another is a member of the top .01% trying to supply money to him and his buddies.

What has Donald Trump done so far to make us think that he is working to help the uneducated people that voted for him?

That magic wall between American and Mexico, that he spent so much of his time during the election talking about, has been downgraded to a fence. I am certain nothing will ever be built.

He also riled up his supporters by talking about a Muslim ban. That is not going to happen either.

What has he done though? So far, all of his nominations and decisions are just an extension of the exact same conservative platforms that have crippled our country.

The change that Trump has articulated though, is that his decisions are much more conservative than past Republican presidents. In fact, now that Republicans have the House and Senate and will certainly tap on a few Supreme Court Judges, American legislation will become much more right.

1 – Most of Trump’s nominations are respected military leaders, itching to jump into battle.

2 – Trump’s promise to only appoint anti-choice Supreme Court judges.

3 – All of Trump’s economic platforms return us to the failed Trickle Down economics of Ronald Reagan.

What sort of change were the people that voted for him expecting? Did they really think he was gonna make it so business owners, like himself, would have to hire Americans. Thereby, increasing his labor costs and dropping his profits?

I guess that was why Trump ran as a Republican. As he said, “I love the poorly educated.”