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January 2017

Trump’s America Will not Protect the World Anymore, Can Germany Become the World’s Leader?

When the Second World War ended, America emerged as the global leader. Since then, America has become the guardian of the world. This sort of relationship has allowed America to peacefully become the undisputed leader of the world. Kind of like how Don Corleone achieved his power. When one nation is down, America will lend its hand. As a result, some day, if America ever needs that country’s help, they will willingly assist. That is… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Islam/Muslim

Why Isn’t Saudi Arabia on Trump’s List of Banned Muslim Countries?

You don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to figure out that Trump doesn’t like Muslim. During his campaign, Trump would scream at his rallies how he wanted to block Muslims from entering America. Somewhere, deep in that gigantic orange cranium, Trump figures that Muslims are terrorists. As a result, Trump made up this list with seven middle eastern countries that apparently are filled with Muslims. Anyone from these countries are banned… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Supreme Court

Trump’s Water Lawsuit Could Potentially be Handed to Supreme Court Judge he Nominated

In 2015, the Obama administration, the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers applied the Waters of the United States rule to clean up our nation’s bodies of water. On its face, the Waters of the United States rule is largely a technical document, defining which rivers, streams, lakes and marshes fall under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers. But opponents condemn it as a massive power grab… Keep Reading

As Our Streets go up in Flames and Protests, Republican Support of Trump Begins to Fade

More than a dozen GOP members of Congress have voiced their opposition to Trump’s ban on Muslims. Just a week ago, Republican support for these disgusting Muslim bans were as strong as ever. What happened? After months of holding Trump’s hand and singing Kumbaya, how come suddenly Mitch McConnell, Senator Rob Portman, Charles and David Koch, and almost every other Republican suddenly disavow Trump’s plans to kick out Muslims. Is Donald Trump the one at… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Iran

According to MIT Research, Iranians most Highly Educated People in America….but our President Wants them Out

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) did a study about the education levels of certain ethnic groups in America. The study found that more than one in four Iranians hold a Masters degree or a doctorate. This statistic makes Iranians the most highly educated group in America. President Trump has authorized executive actions banning Iranians from our country.   What sort of president willingly sends away brilliant components of society? His job is to make our country… Keep Reading

English only

Breaking News: Trump Removed “En Espanol” Option from White House Website

Given Trump’s degrading opinion of Hispanics, it is very indicative that Trump’s administration removed “En Espanol” from their website. Essentially, only pure bred English speakers now could read information off of the White House website. Inverse article For the first time since Whitehouse.gov was established, the website will only be in English. Considering that Trump has made a point of “speaking only English” in America, his administration’s decision to remove “En Espanol” has much bigger implications.… Keep Reading

Donald Trump Tears Republican Party Far From the Tender Christian Embrace

The Christian church has vocally voiced their disapproval of Trump’s ban on Muslims. Considering Trump won the election, his flock of republican minions apparently don’t care about the churches position. To them, the church means nothing. Once upon a time, the religious right ruled the country. Conservatives ruled right alongside the pulpit. The benevolent values of the church could be seen in every legislation that a Republican lawmaker wrote. Donald Trump and his hateful rhetoric… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump

Bernie Devises a Brilliant Method to Strike Trump Where it Hurts

The White House comments line is still down. This should not be much of a shock. I doubt Trump is that receptive to allowing any sort of entrance in to the White House, albeit through a phone line. Bernie Sanders’ digital team has figured a brilliant method to get through to Trump. WhiteHouseInc.org was created with the intent of getting Trump to untangle himself from his businesses. That failed. Now they are trying to find some… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump/Putin

Trump, the Manchurian Candidate – Is our President Trying to Destroy America?

Imagine, for whatever reason, you wanted to destroy America. Maybe you are being paid off by the leader of another country, let’s say Russia, for example. You run for president, feeding the voters a fluorescent litany of feel good platforms. You’ll bring all those jobs back. You’ll kick out anyone who you think poses a threat. Your platforms are highly improbable, but they sound damn good, so lots of people vote for you and you… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump

What Animal is Most Similar to Donald Trump? Meet the Recently Discovered Neopalpa donaldtrumpi

Imagine you are on Noah’s Ark, and every animal that ever was is shuffling over that deck. Suddenly, a little moth zips by your nose. The moth is tiny, about a centimeter in width. It’s scales are white and yellow, resulting in a creamy shade of orange. The moth wears a beautiful head of golden hair. To top it off, the Neopalpa donaldtrumpi has “comparatively smaller” genitalia than it’s cousin, the Neopalpa neonata. Plus they both love… Keep Reading

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