Breaking News: Trump Removed “En Espanol” Option from White House Website

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Given Trump’s degrading opinion of Hispanics, it is very indicative that Trump’s administration removed “En Espanol” from their website. Essentially, only pure bred English speakers now could read information off of the White House website. Inverse article

For the first time since was established, the website will only be in English. Considering that Trump has made a point of “speaking only English” in America, his administration’s decision to remove “En Espanol” has much bigger implications.

During the campaign, Trump made a big point out of the fact that Jeb Bush used Spanish on the campaign trail.

“I like Jeb,” Trump said in an interview with Breitbart. “He’s a nice man. But he should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States.”

Forcing Americans to speak English appeals to the same crowd that loves the thought of kicking out Hispanics from our country as well as banning Muslims. This demographic propelled Trump from reality TV star to president of the United States. Trump needs to appease this demographic.

Steve Bannon is Trump’s Chief Strategist. Despite a large list of Republican politicians imploring Trump to cut strands with the alt-right Breitbart founder, Trump kept him on board.

Perusing Breitbart previous articles illustrates where Trump might have gotten the idea to get rid of “En Espanol”.

Like this one from a few months ago,

Government Language Tutor Claims Migrants Only Interested in Benefits, Boast They’ll Never Work


Obama: I Think More Americans Should Learn Foreign Languages


Popular Frozen Custard Shop Owner Defends ‘English Only’ Policy


‘Th’ Sound Will Vanish from English Language Due to Multiculturalism, Linguists Say


Teachers Union Pushes the Bilingual Education Teachers Hate


There are so many more titles of Breitbart articles all illustrating the same hopeless theme.

We lost America to the immigrant. We have become the minority.

Steve Bannon uses this same theme to manipulate America with his media empire. In the same breath, Trump used this theme to become president of the United States.

Nothing is more depressing and terrifying to many Americans than having our beautiful country robbed from us albeit, by illegal aliens who sneak into our country.

Everyday, our President does something more shocking than the day before. Sadly, a large portion of our population is applauding Trump as he removes “En Espanol” from our country.


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  1. I know people say, when in my country, learn my language, but have you ever tried it? It is HARD, esp if you are older. If you are dealing with a company where you need a clear understanding of what is at stake, you may make mistakes. I thought it was really nice and appropriate to have that option.

  2. ok people ,hispanics and muslims who is next? is this what the leader of a free world is suppose to do? the majority in this country did not elect him. he is catering to trouble makers and his cabinet is full of anti american values. he is creating friction where there was none, i was never afraid of attacks by islamic terrorists when obama was president,i felt quite safe other than guns in the hands of mentally ill and immature owners and the occasional homegrown mentally ill using terrorism as an excuse for their crimes.

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