About six months ago, I wrote this, The Only Coal Trump Will Get Will be on Christmas Morning. It is about how Trump was “trying” to fool inhabitants of coal country. As a result of the elections, Trump succeeded. This is just a follow up article.

Like any used car salesman, a lot of what Trump is selling is all in the presentation. He speaks quick and moves his hands really fast. So fast in fact, that none of his dumb spectators ever pick the right walnut. They are so entranced with the midgets and hot women dancing around him, that they barely have time to wipe the drool off of their chin before Trump sells them a lemon.

During the election, Trump pulled the wool over a lot of heads. For example, yesterday I wrote an article about how popular Donald Trump is in the Middle East. Although, Donald Trump campaigned on banning them from entering our country, Middle Easterns praised Donald’s gusto to fight terrorists.

No group of people were tricked as much by Trump as them in coal country. Trump won 63% of Kentucky and 69% of West Virginia. These are two leading coal mining states in America.

Why did Trump do so great in these states? Coal.

“We’re going to save the coal industry. We’re going to save that coal industry, believe me,” Trump said during a press conference before his speech. HCN article

Coal mining has plummeted to cellar like numbers the past few years. Employment in the coal mines fell 12% in 2015. Those are the lowest numbers since data started being collected in 1978. Daily Caller article

Suddenly, this orange messiah appeared that wanted to get all of those coal miner’s jobs back. He held these rallies in coal country. Packed, with unemployed coal miners, that swooned at his grandiose visions of a coal driven America.

Dave Hathaway lost his job in the coal mines last year. It was a sweet $80,000 a year job!

“I voted for Trump – I mean, a coal miner would be stupid not to.”

I’d literally put more money that an alien will arrive on our planet than the coal industry returning. Here is what is preventing coal from becoming a popular source of energy again:

1 – Environmental regulations, enforced by Obama, designed to protect our waterways from pollution, will add $81 million each year to the coal mining industry. Washington Times article

2 – The plummeting price of natural gas, dropping more everyday, makes it absurd to use coal.

Oilprice article

3 – It just doesn’t make sense to use coal. “As The Huffington Post has reported, the entire domestic coal industry is now valued at only $22 billion — about $38 billion less than it was five years ago. And as The New York Times editorial board pointed out last month, coal has become a bad investment, period. Banks aren’t financing new coal projects, because it makes no business sense.” Huffington Post article

Trump can bat away some of Obama’s environmental regulations. If he does that, they can’t say he did nothing for coal country. But besides polluting our streams, what will that do? Will it force many business owners (many of the same people that voted for Trump) to spend more money on powering their factories with coal than gas?

Just watch and wait.

Everyday, I write another article about one of Trump’s campaign lies. There will be a lot of angry people in a year or two.

However, Trump’s wealthy buddies, that he plays golf with and that he shares a bottle of bubbly with on the top of Trump Towers, they won’t be angry.


The rest of the world will be suffering. But those at the top, will be kissing Donald’s hands.