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Because the Uneducated Were Tricked by Trump, Taxpayers get Douched Paying for Wall

It has only been a few days since Trump saddled up on his throne. Already though, he has made all of those loyal Trumpkins that voted for him so very proud. He accomplished this noble feat by delivering on many of those campaign promises he made. The wall will be built. One little change though. Mexico won’t pay for it, you will. The real kick in the ass is that you will pay for it,… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Fox news/Media

CNN, MSNBC and FOX Did Not Lie About Inaugural Day Crowd Size

According to Trump, the three major news networks tried to make his inaugural day crowd smaller than it was. As pathetic as this may sound, our president’s biggest enemy is the media. Not China, not ISIS, but MSNBC is what has President Trump up all night, tearing at his blonde and beautiful hair. President Trump was elected as a result of a long line of orchestrated lies. He convinced the voters that he was only… Keep Reading

Democrat’s Plan to Fight Republicans May Shock Some

Democrats are really in a bind. They were badly defeated and do not have many strategies. As a result, Chuck Schumer, the minority leader, has a plan to focus on platforms where they agree with President Trump. I’m sure I lost a few democrats after reading that first paragraph. To imply that democrats will actually WORK with Trump seems blasphemous, even a little sacrilegious. But keep in mind, as much as we might despise Trump, our… Keep Reading


America’s Failed Attempts to Stop Trump With a Petition

When all is lost, America always has the petition. If you could collect 100,000 signatures for any pertinent issue, than the White House must elicit a response. However, despite all of those signatures, all Washington has to do is mention it. For example, six days after the Sandy Hook massacre, Obama responded to 33 petitions regarding gun control laws. Obama could only repeat his suggestions to Congress, including bans on military-style assault weapons. You think… Keep Reading

Protesting/taxes/Tea Party

Republicans Aim to Make Peaceful Protesting a Hefty Prison Sentence

Protesting is a beautiful thing. It really embodies what it means to be an American. Think of all the American blood that has been shed so that you could go out on the street and protest whatever you want. When women protested in the early 20th century, they were awarded the privilege to vote. Railroad strikes and labor protests led to our nation’s first unions and a safe work environment for our workers. We must… Keep Reading

Our Nation’s Education Secretary Gets an F in Grammar But an A in Destroying Public Education

The Education Secretary used to be a position of honor and respect. Once upon a time, you can rest assured, that whoever sat in that seat was the embodiment of the American educational system. After all, it is the job of the United States Secretary of Education to advise the president on any policies and programs that relate to education. (Also this position is fifteenth in line to fill in for Trump) Wikipedia   Besty Devos,… Keep Reading

Do Female Republicans Really Exist?

I will be the first to say that Republicans don’t hate women. They just hate some women. Maybe, most women. Every Republican has a mother that they love. However, most of the mothers of these republican politicians don’t work, nor do they get abortions. So Republicans only hate women not in their socio-economic demographic. I understand that women from a higher economic stratosphere may reject funding for Planned Parenthood. Such women never use Planned Parenthood. In… Keep Reading

Eat Your Cake Now Republicans, Cause it’ll be Stale in a Minute

Now, Republicans can rejoice. It had been a long time, since the Republicans had a day of such unbridled celebration. From all over the country, Republicans traveled to Washington, eager to take part in Trump’s inauguration (AKA Doomsday). Undoubtedly, the celebration will be short lived.   Within minutes of wearing his polished brand new crown, Trump began to dismantle our nation’s healthcare plan, NY Times article. Then, Trump threw a bone to the mortgage lender… Keep Reading

President Trump

Small Speech, Smaller Crowd and Tiny Little Hands

If you were participating in yesterday’s revelry, watching Trump’s inauguration, you probably noticed a few things. Although the size of his crowd and speech are seemingly unimportant when compared to the magnitude of his presidential term, the fact that everything about our president is small, besides his ego, is very indicative. What ominous predictions can we unveil from these minuscule impressions? Small speech = small intelligence A small speech is emblematic of one’s intelligence. There… Keep Reading

‘Dynamic Scoring’ is How Republicans Justify Stealing Money and Giving it to the Top 1%

Yesterday, while Donald Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, was getting grilled during his confirmation testimony, he revealed one of republican’s best secrets. Dynamic scoring justifies stealing large bags of money from the children of tomorrow and handing them to the aristocrats of today. Now that our new president is just mounting his throne, he has a set of priorities he plans on jamming down the countries throat immediately. According to Trump and his… Keep Reading

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