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Trump’s Threats Are Making Peso Fall Thus, Hispanic Labor is More Lucrative and Cheaper

Donald Trump has threatened every US company that if they don’t build their goods in America and built by Americans, they will pay enormous taxes. Such threats have rattled Mexican markets. Mexico and America have always been great trade partners. As a result, Trump’s divisive rhetoric has sent the peso plummeting. Is it possible that Trump’s threat could actually produce an opposite effect? Instead of boosting American products, Former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers feels… Keep Reading


Don’t Fret Democrats, Trump is an Outsider and Will be the Final Nail in that Republican Coffin

With inauguration a day away, things look bad for Democrats, Americans and humans alike. However, Democrats should remember, Donald Trump’s erratic governance could very well be the final nail in the Republican coffin. Perhaps such a rosy notion will turn that frown upside down. Republicans shouldn’t celebrate Trump’s victory too much. After all, his strongest campaign point (and also his only campaign point) was that he was an outsider. Republicans did not do very well.… Keep Reading

Endangered Species/Obama

Why do Republicans Really Want to Squash the Endangered Species Act

Why would someone destroy a bill that protects endangered species? Imagine the devil climbed out of a hole in the ground and had a long conversation with you. He told you all about himself. About how much he loves war, and how much he hates it when starving people eat or when homeless people sleep in a shelter. Undoubtedly, he wouldn’t want to protect endangered and defenseless animals. Republicans would agree on every platform. Their latest… Keep Reading

Business/Trump nominees

Wilbur Ross, Nominee for Commerce Secretary is the Worst of all Trump’s Nominees

To call Wilbur Ross the worst of Trump’s nominations, is really a bold statement. So far, Trump’s cabinet picks are worth $13 billion. Having a lot of money alone does not corruption breed, but just a peek into their fortunes reveals a tangled web of conflicts. Wilbur Ross, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of Commerce, has the most apparent paths of profiting exorbitantly from his new clutch position. Wilbur Ross has made his money… Keep Reading

With Trump, the World is Increasingly Turning Against Us

For the first time since the last Republican president, the world is starting to dislike us. In his New Year’s day address, North Korean Kim Jong-un said that his nation was on the brink of testing an ICBM which could hit the US. Alone, that doesn’t mean squat, but if you attach a nuclear warhead on that ICMB then, North Korea could potentially attack us. It was a threat designed to make the world fear… Keep Reading


Republicans Ignore Voter’s Requests, ‘I will die’ Without Obamacare

If anything comes from the Obamacare fight, I think we can finally discern, without a doubt, that Republican politicians are evil. The fight that Republicans waged to prevent Americans from getting healthcare has been the toughest that the party has ever fought. Last year, CBS News calculated that the first 33 votes to repeal health care reform took up approximately 80 hours of floor time from the House, or roughly two weeks. The Congressional Research Service… Keep Reading


Judge Tells Immigrants if One Doesn’t Like Trump, Then Get Out

A few months ago, there was a U.S citizenship ceremony in San Antonio. Usually, the ceremony is a symbol of beginnings. Everyone at that ceremony has worked so hard to be standing there. When that ceremony comes to an end, the life that they have dreamed of will begin. Citizenship is an honor that many people have died for. It is not just a piece of paper, it is a covenant between citizen and country.… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Turkey

Something Sneaky is Going on Between Turkey and Trump?

A Turkish cleric sits by a window in Eastern Pennsylvania. While he gazes outside, he thinks about his home. As much as he might miss Turkey, this cleric can never return. Turkey wants Fethullah Gulen extradited to face charges that he was involved in the failed coup attempt against the Turkish government. If Gulen is extradited, Trump will undoubtedly see a storm of protests. Some theorize that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants Gulen extradited… Keep Reading

What the Anthrax Intern Could Tell us About War

Trump seems to be thirsting for war. Trump is stirring a lot of trouble in the world, before he even steps into the White House. He has made stupid threats to China, the UK, Germany, Iran, North Korea and Mexico. If we do go to war, some people would make a lot of money. Do you think Trump would like that? Republicans do not like war. They just like the money in that war machine.… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump

Get Your Golden Shower Burger for a Limited Time

Would you pay $20 for a burger? What if it was designed to replicate one of our president-elect’s darkest and most disturbing fetishes? Yeah, that wouldn’t sell me either. However, I’m sure it is really good and $5 goes to Planned Parenthood. Meet The Golden Showers burger. Donald Trump eat you heart out!   If I lived in Bethesda, Maryland, damn right I’d buy that burger! Trumpkins united against Community Restaurant and Lounge. Alone, they… Keep Reading

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