More than a dozen GOP members of Congress have voiced their opposition to Trump’s ban on Muslims. Just a week ago, Republican support for these disgusting Muslim bans were as strong as ever. What happened? After months of holding Trump’s hand and singing Kumbaya, how come suddenly Mitch McConnell, Senator Rob Portman, Charles and David Koch, and almost every other Republican suddenly disavow Trump’s plans to kick out Muslims.

Is Donald Trump the one at fault? He became president of the United States with the same opinions that America is now protesting. Yes, the thought of blocking people of certain religions and ethnic groups from entering America is disgusting, but those were Trump’s central platforms. Trump won on these platforms. He is only delivering on his promises.

The Republicans however had no problem with Trump as he was catapulting to the top of American political popularity. Now, as hundreds of thousands of protesters take to the streets to object Trump’s religious bans, they are starting to come out of the woodwork with their disagreement.

I still stand by my argument that Trump will kill the Republican party. During the election I wrote about this theme almost every other day. When he won the election, I appeared to be terribly incorrect. He did not kill the party in fact, the day after the elections, Trump was considered the Republican golden child. For a day, he earned the admiration of every forsaken Republican in the country.

But almost as soon as he won, the protests took to the streets. First, it was crowds of women protesting Donald Trump. The very next week, saw everyone protesting Donald’s Muslim bans.

Now that they have no choice, Republican politicians are meekly admitting that they were wrong on supporting the hate mongering Donald Trump.

Finding fault with Donald Trump is really difficult. Yes, he was the one to broadcast these race-baiting messages, but he won the presidency. Perhaps if Mitch McConnell or Sen. Bob Corker had disagreed with Trump’s bans before the election, our nation would not have devolved into this state of anarchy and protest.

Trump has been saying for months that when elected he would work to ban certain groups of people from entering our country. This is not a question. Suddenly, the Senate Republican leader has a problem with banning certain types of people from entering America!?

If these Republican leaders would have grown a pair, instead of blindly following savior The Donald off of a cliff, we would be singing a much different tune today. However, the slightest opposition from Republican leaders might have cost them the presidency. Hence, they flushed the country down the shitter for a few drops of power.

This is from a USA Today article dated Nov. 10, 2016,

The Trump campaign denied Pence’s claim that Trump had changed his stance (on Muslim ban). When asked to clarify their position, they issued a statement that said Trump planned on “temporarily suspending immigration from countries with a history of exporting terrorism until proven vetting methods can be established and, in general, we are tightening screening standards including examining whether candidates for entry harbor any hostility to the United States, its people, or its values — something that is not currently done.”

Trump has not changed his plans at all. The same plan that these Republican leaders are objecting to now, they were down with a week ago. In fact, Donald Trump was nice to tell all of his fellow party members exactly what he was going to do in terms of banning Muslims. Why Senate leader Mitch McConnell suddenly has a problem with it now, is a question.

Republicans have a big problem. Winning the presidency did not remove it, Trump’s victory has only exasperated the problem. Trump won on the sentiments of hate and seclusion. Such sentiments do nothing but destroy.

Republican establishment should have shunned Donald Trump then. Yes, you might have lost the presidency, but by ignoring the problem, you have lost your party and possibly the country.

You Republicans won your cake of shit, now you must eat it.