What do Republicans loathe more than anything? What do they despise even more than a Democrat? Welfare recipients. However, Mark Callahan, Tea Party leader and who is currently running to be chairman of the Oregon GOP, was a welfare recipient himself.

A picture of those welfare hush puppies sits in the bulls-eye of every dartboard in a Republican politician’s office. According to them, people who need money from the government to put food in the bellies of themselves and their children are the epitome of what is wrong with this country. Leachers, they call them.

Statistics tell a different story. According to Taxfoundation.org, predominantly Republican states use up food stamps and welfare much more than Democratic states.

Such a revelation isn’t too enlightening. All that tells us is that the Republican voter is not the sharpest tool in the shed. What else do you call someone who uses food-stamps but votes for a candidate who is against government entitlements?

Mark Callahan however, is someone of a much different breed. Those uneducated Republican voters that vote to have their benefits stripped away are doing nothing wrong. They just don’t understand what they are voting for. Mark Callahan however is committing a far more evil sin.

Court documents show that the Tea Party Republican and his wife received food stamps in 2014 during or after a campaign for U.S. Senate.

According to The Register-Guard, Callahan donated $9,090 of his own money into the campaign, making him the largest contributor. He also loaned $6,500 to his election effort. RawStory article

Mark Callahan is a member of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is adamantly against the distribution of food stamps. We can call Mark Callahan a hypocrite for preaching against food stamps and also receiving them. Lots of Republicans such as Paul Ryan have used food stamps and then preached against them. There is no crime in being a disgusting hypocrite. But what is worse, is that he took food stamps after running successful campaigns. He spent $15,000 for his campaign and didn’t have enough money to buy dinner?

Sure, people can argue that he used up all of his money in his campaign and had nothing left. If that is correct, the guy isn’t too bright for gambling his last few pennies on a campaign. If it is not correct and he took food stamps, but didn’t really need them, then he should be in jail. Either way, not a good politician.

He literally, snatches the food out of a starving child’s mouth and puts it into his own. Disgusting!