The saga between Donald Trump and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is a concise example of dirty politics at its grimiest. The interactions between these two Republicans illustrate the epiphany of how politicians can abuse their roles, as well as the trust of those who elected them. Well, the love saga got even more nasty, when she got a position in his administration.

Remember the Trump University lawsuit? You may not have. The story was oddly tucked away from most media outlets, and Hillary never even mentioned it. Hundreds of people across the country were suing our president-elect because of the false claims he made advertising Trump University. The case was so huge in fact, it was a class action law suit.

It turned out to be one fat scam. Bilking senior citizens of their savings account, and recent high school grads of saved college tuition money. Plus, this was going on while Trump was running for president!

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi got the complaint and was reading it and deciding whether or not her state would join the crusade and file a lawsuit against Trump.

While she was mulling over this decision, Pam Bondi defied all political ethics by asking Trump for a donation. As soon as her office received Trump’s $25,000 donation, she decided to thumb her nose at her constituents who were defrauded by Trump, and not to press charges against him! Pam Bondi article

The contribution was not only sizable–it was illegal. As The Week reported, 

In 2016, Trump paid a $25,000 penalty to the Internal Revenue Service for an improper $25,000 donation from the Donald J. Trump Foundation to a campaign group supporting Bondi, who had solicited a contribution from Trump while her office was deciding whether to join a fraud lawsuit against Trump University. After receiving the donation, Bondi “inexplicably decided not to pursue charges against Trump University,” Redstate writesand Trump “held a posh fundraiser for Bondi at the infamous Mar-a-Lago estate.”

Let’s face it. If Pam Bondi decided to initiate the class-action against Trump in Florida, the election could have gone much differently. Our president-elect is so indebted to Pam Bondi, that on top of his illegal donation, he recently offered Pam Bondi a role in his administration!

Oh yeah, those swamps are being drained.

In fact, our president-elect is pouring gallons and gallons of shit into those swamps and making them overflow. What a slap in the face to those morons who actually thought Trump would drain them! LOL!!!