Imagine, for whatever reason, you wanted to destroy America. Maybe you are being paid off by the leader of another country, let’s say Russia, for example. You run for president, feeding the voters a fluorescent litany of feel good platforms. You’ll bring all those jobs back. You’ll kick out anyone who you think poses a threat. Your platforms are highly improbable, but they sound damn good, so lots of people vote for you and you win. Then,  when you are in office, instead of leading the country, you begin to destroy it.

This treacherous scenario is very similar to what Donald Trump has done. He has only been in office for a few days, but already he has divided the country like days before the civil war. If his intent is to destroy America, he is doing everything right.

Our civil liberties, that every American considers untouchable sacred grounds, Trump has already devoured. Freedom of the press is about to collapse. According to the New York Times, six journalists covering inauguration day were arrested and charged with felony protesting. Journalists face similar difficulties in Russia and Iran.

Our right to protest is being discarded. I just wrote this a few days ago – Political Haze article

How about the doctrine that ‘Man is created equal’? Does that include Hispanics and Muslims, that Trump is currently trying to ban from our country? Would he change it to ‘All men are created equal, except for Hispanics and Muslims’? In addition, Trump’s policies on torture and criminal justice defy the very core of America. Rolling Stone article

Look at the nominees that Trump has chosen. The cabinet is so atrocious, you really have to wonder why they were chosen. Not only are these nominees unqualified, many of them have spent their lives actively dismantling the same departments they are now in charge of. These are definitely the nominees one would chose if they wanted to destroy America.

Andrew Puzder, Secretary of Labor, for example, is the CEO of a huge fast food chain. He has spent decades fighting worker rights such as break time and overtime pay. He also fights minimum wage increases. His only interaction in the labor department would be his hostility to worker’s rights.

Besty Devos, Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of Education, is arguably the biggest opponent of the Department of Education. She wants to do away with public education and replace it with private schools. She also wants guns in every school.

Earnest Moniz is the current Secretary of Energy. He is a respected nuclear physicist. He will be replaced by Trump’s nominee Rick Perry, who actually wanted to get rid of the department. When asked what the Secretary of Energy does, Rick Perry didn’t even know. He figured it was some plush job that has to do with oil! Washington Post article

Now we must take my conspiracy theory one step further. Who is the puppeteer? That one is simple.

The Central Intelligence Agency has issued a report claiming that Russia assisted Trump in the elections.

(Imagine if Hillary won with the help of Russia!!!! Think of the hissy fit Republicans would throw!)

Trump and Putin have admired each other for a long time.

Almost all of Trump’s advisers, even his pick for secretary of state have very strong Russian ties. So strong in fact, Putin could not have selected a more pro-Russian crop of picks himself.

Checks and balances guarantee our country will never collapse. There are so many different departments in our government that one sour apple could not ruin the pie. But what if every apple was sour? Our government will be run by the same people who had spent their lives dismantling it. Many of our sacred liberties are being threatened. The division racing across our country will not stop. Most likely, it will become even more divisive. If Trump is trying to destroy America, he is taking us on the right path. We are all screwed either way.