When the Second World War ended, America emerged as the global leader. Since then, America has become the guardian of the world. This sort of relationship has allowed America to peacefully become the undisputed leader of the world. Kind of like how Don Corleone achieved his power. When one nation is down, America will lend its hand. As a result, some day, if America ever needs that country’s help, they will willingly assist. That is all that it is about. Kindness always prevails.

Trump galloped to the White House by promising to end this American benevolence. Trump has professed his aim to reverse globalization. According to Trump, what is earned in America, stays in America. It is anyone’s guess how this plan will work out. If you have a history book handy, you might want to check out what happened the last time the leading powers of the world decide to promote nationalism, back in the 1930s. Was not pretty.

Since the end of Second World War, America’s two former enemies, Germany and Japan, have benefited the most from America’s benevolence. Now, these two countries are considered our greatest allies. However, under Trump’s vision, they will be among the biggest losers.

For one thing, Trump plans on removing US security from these countries. As a result of an arms agreement after the war, the US has protected these countries.

The Trump administration and Germany have already exchanged some testy differences. Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, expressed shock with Trump’s immigration ban. According to a DW article, Merkel has vowed to do everything to support refugees affected by Trump’s ban.

“The necessary and decisive battle against terrorism does not in any way justify putting groups of certain people under general suspicion, in this case people of Muslim belief or of a certain origin,” Merkel told reporters in Berlin.

That quote perfectly sums up my views on Trump’s ban.

Apparently, Merkel’s opposition rubbed Trump the wrong way. On Saturday, the two discussed global issues like NATO and world turmoil. Back to the nationalism theme, Trump demanded that each nation in NATO should pay their own fair share. NPR article

In a shock to the financial world, Peter Navarro, the head of Trump’s new National Trade Council told The Financial Times, that Germany is using a “grossly undervalued” euro to gain advantage over the United States and its EU partners.

He said,

“A big obstacle to viewing TTIP as a bilateral deal is Germany, which continues to exploit other countries in the EU as well as the U.S. with an ‘implicit Deutsche Mark’ that is grossly undervalued.” CNBC article