Trump’s nominees headed to Capital Hill this week. Thus, began their confirmation hearings. The nominees that he chose all voiced their disagreement with some of Trump’s major campaign promises.

Jeff Sessions opposed waterboarding as an extreme interrogation technique, banning Muslims from coming into the U.S. and any sort of Muslim registry.

Tillerson believes the same intelligence reports that Trump spits on, that Russia’s cyber attacks influenced our elections. He also opposes a Muslim ban. Tillerson is a big supporter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the same deal Trump has pledged to abandon.

Mattis, Trump’s nominee to lead the Pentagon, might have been the starkest difference from Trump. He called Russia the number one threat against America. He also voiced strong support for NATO, an alliance Trump cast doubt on during the elections.

John Kelly, the Homeland Security Secretary nominee, called Trump’s Magic Wall idea useless. He also disagreed with Trump on his call to kick out undocumented children. Kelly stressed the important of working with Latin American countries.

Mike Pompeo, Trump’s pick to lead the CIA, disagreed with Trump’s views on waterboarding and Russia.

What can we deduce from this wall of opposition?

Trump hand picked nominees that will oppose his views. That makes no sense.

I’m sure those loyal Trumpkins will claim that good leaders will chose advisers that disagree with them. I agree with that 100%. But when we are dealing with such unpopular platforms, like kicking out ethnic groups and banning religious groups from our country, you’d think Trump’s number one goal would be to surround himself with people who would fight for his cause.

Or, as I have been saying in every one of my articles for the past year, Trump never intended to see any of his major campaign promises through. He only said them to get the uneducated vote. Which he did.

One promise though, that Trump will definitely deliver, will be to save the top 1%, himself and his buddies, a shit load of money. His allegiance lies with them not with you.