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February 2017

President Trump/Protesting/taxes

Every Single American will be Affected by At Least One Program that Trump’s Budget Slashes, Except the Uber Wealthy Like Trump

Although Donald Trump is taking the credit, conservative think tank, Heritage Foundation, has created our national budget, according to their website. That makes sense because everything a republican would want, is in that proposal. More enlightening though, everything a republican would not want, is decapitated. Every single social program that defines our country, for example, is slashed. Fortunately, it is unlikely, that Trump’s proposed budget will creep any further through those decrepit halls of Washington.… Keep Reading

Pat Boone Has Lived His Life Voting Republican, Stealing Black Songs and Wearing a Crew Cut

A few weeks ago, at the 25th Annual Movieguide Awards, music legend Pat Boone was asked by a reporter if he was concerned about the state of Hollywood today. Look ‘Pat Boone’ up in a dictionary and you’ll see the words ‘family values’. “Hollywood should be presenting the very best picture of America and who the average people want to be.” “We used to win awards with movies that show people in the best possible light,” the singer… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Islam/Trump nominees

Obama Refused to say ‘Islamic terrorists’, and now Apparently, Neither will Trump’s Security Advisers

During Obama’s entire two terms, republicans got a kick out of trying to force Obama to say ‘Islamic terrorists’. Even Donald Trump, to display his brash defiance, would scream it loud at rallies and on mountaintops. According to The Donald, Obama was too weak to say those two words, but I’ll do it. As it turns out, most people will not say those two words. Trump’s new national security adviser Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, is one… Keep Reading

Trump’s Nationalistic Future of America, the World and his Bank Account

Donald Trump became president by exclusively touting a nationalistic agenda. America would no longer be Mr. Nice Guy on the world scene. He felt that those security treaties we signed with Japan and Germany after the Second World War, should no longer be valid. Why should we pay for their military? On Trump’s first day in office, he got us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), or as he called it, “the worst deal….EVER”. To… Keep Reading

Trump Wants to End Liberal Arts Education

As you read this article, Trump’s administration is actively trying to make it more difficult for liberal art students to get a loan. Trump’s administration thinks that they know better than people who study philosophy or anthropology or psychology or arts. ‘Don’t waste your time,’ Donald Trump says. After all, liberal art graduates have the sixth highest unemployment rate of college graduates.According to this republican-know-it-all wisdom, women also are stupid and can’t decide for themselves… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Media/Protesting

Dont Stop When Your Dead – How to Dump on Trump From the Great Beyond

Just because you are dead does not mean that you have to stop agonizing The Donald. Several deceased have landed their most damaging punches on our president, only after they crossed that lazy river. Liz Smith, for example, was an 87 year old grandmother from Nowalk, Connecticut. She had five grand kids, and lived her life smothered in love. She liked traveling and she was also a member of Girl Guides. In addition, she managed… Keep Reading

Gun Control/Republican

Guns + Mental Disorder = Tragedy

Great news for all Americans with mental disorders that think it is unfair that they can’t own a gun. Last week, Republican-led Senate voted to block Obama’s bill that prevented people with mental disorders from owning guns. Next, the measure will go to President Trump’s desk, where he is expected to sign it. As a result of Adam Lanza’s rampage, Obama created this law that would prevent people with mental disorders from owning guns. Actually,… Keep Reading

Utah Republican Admits He Wants Women to Make Less than Men for the Same Job, Just to Save his Wealthy Donor Money – Disgusting

Jason Green, a Utah Republican, finally explained why republicans are always fighting to ensure that women make less than men for the same job. According to a letter that he wrote to two newspapers, criticizing a bill that aims to stifle the gap in the workforce, James Green blamed greed as the primary reason. “If businesses are forced to pay women the same as male earnings, that means they will have to reduce the pay… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Obama/taxes/vacations

Trump has Already Cost You More for his Vacations Than Obama did in Any One Year Period

Remember all those complaints about Obama’s vacations? They seem to take on a different meaning now that Lex Luthor is president. Everything about Obama bothered republicans. Lex railed about Obama’s birth certificate for years, until he became president and it didn’t bother him anymore. Republican senators wanted Obama impeached just because of his birth place. Imagine the fury had Russia fixed the elections in Obama’s favor! In 2013, Republican congressman Kerry Bentivolio said about impeaching Obama,… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Media

Some Day Soon, it may be a Crime to Label Something ‘Fake News’ – Then How Would a Republican Respond to a Damaging Story?

Every time a republican reads a headline that they don’t like, they can dismiss it by stamping it with a ‘FAKE NEWS’ classification. Isn’t that really convenient? The intellectual capacity has remained stagnant since the middle school playground, when they would shout, ‘I know you are but what am I?’ It is embarrassing to think that so many of my fellow citizens actually shun an article whenever they find out that those two terrifying words… Keep Reading

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