Dont Stop When Your Dead – How to Dump on Trump From the Great Beyond

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Just because you are dead does not mean that you have to stop agonizing The Donald. Several deceased have landed their most damaging punches on our president, only after they crossed that lazy river.

Liz Smith, for example, was an 87 year old grandmother from Nowalk, Connecticut. She had five grand kids, and lived her life smothered in love. She liked traveling and she was also a member of Girl Guides. In addition, she managed to accomplish a noble feat that defies all earthly laws, she thumbed her nose at Trump from the great beyond. NY Post article

Liz was a faithful church-goer that enjoyed giving back to her community and helping the poor. These are the same Christian doctrines that our president detests. She was such a good Christian, in fact, that Donald Trump’s nefarious lifestyle disgusted her.The fact that our president robbed tuition money from little innocent high school students must have kept her up at night.

Donald Trump’s platforms like denying entrance to immigrants fleeing tyranny and stripping middle class benefits to provide a tax break for the uber wealthy conflict with the Christian ideologies that shaped Liz’ life.

Now that she is dead, her obit reads: ‘She volunteered for the United Fund, Salvation Army soup kitchen, participated in crop walk, visited shut-ins at nursing homes, was an MDA Volunteer and a member of Huron County Democratic Party and a poll worker.’

It also reads, ‘Liz is smiling now, not to be living during the Trump Presidency.’

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Ruth is another grandmother who is dead. Her obituary also included disparaging Trump messages. It reads:

“As stipulated in her will, Ruth wanted to make sure her obituary included this final line: ‘If you vote for Donald Trump, you seriously must be a fucking dumb ass.’” Huffington Post article

Or how about Jeffrey Cohen, who passed away at 70. His obituary reminded the world how much he loved his family as well as the cowboy culture. He was a chiropractor was a list of celebrity patients included Liza Minnelli, “Weird Al”, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. His obituary ended with the line:

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Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump.” Metro.co.uk article

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