Dr Seuss Remixes - Alternative Facts The Predicted Censorship

Alternative Facts The Predicted Censorship

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This remix of the Dr. Seuss classic parody the original with the “alternative facts.” In recent discussion Trump is accusing the media of creating false information or as he calls it “fake news” and “alternative facts.” In case you did not know the term originated from George Orwell. In the history of subtle use of literature reference, this may be the winner. George Orwell’s most famous literary pieces include the book 1984 and Animal Farm. The books that changed the world and made highlight to concerts of dystopias and “Big Brother.” One of the most important parts of Orwell’s writing is Censorship, Surveillance, and Nationalism. Could we be living in the dystopia that Orwell wrote about? Is it ironic that he uses “alternative facts” by the exact person trying to prevent power abuse that Trump seems to be doing?

J.J. is a guerrilla remixer and resident of the Miami and Chicago area. J.J. enjoys breaking the status quo by culture jamming famous artwork and music into a new perspective. Most people would consider the work to be a remix with subliminal political and humanitarian messages. If J.J. were to describe their art, it would be a Weird Al Yankovic song illustrated by Andy Warhol.

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