Ride Ends Here. #DeleteUber

Dr Seuss Remixes – Ride Ends Here. #DeleteUber

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In the original Dr. Seuss, this cartoon may suggest that the end of the American Dream is the beginning of war. Here it’s been remixed to indicate that the end of the road or ride is when the millennials and anti-Trump supports begin to delete their Uber ride-sharing the app in protest. As soon as the “#DeleteUber” hashtag started to get viral a lot of users from drivers to passengers deleted the app.

J.J. is a guerrilla remixer and resident of the Miami and Chicago area. J.J. enjoys breaking the status quo by culture jamming famous artwork and music into a new perspective. Most people would consider the work to be a remix with subliminal political and humanitarian messages. If J.J. were to describe their art, it would be a Weird Al Yankovic song illustrated by Andy Warhol.


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