Dr Seuss Remixes - Trump Fake News Bonnet.

Donald Trump’s Fake News Bonnet

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President Trump’s new posted a tweet to his Twitter account attacking very specific news outlets for creating “Fake News.” He claimed that they were the enemy. In this remix parody of the original Dr. Seuss, the cartoon suggests that you can place a bonnet on your head then dig it into the sand. The United States remains built on the fundamentals of freedom of speech which includes media news. The ironic aspect is that perhaps the news outlets he did not mention may be the mask that allows the uninformed individuals to seem oblivious to the dystopia that has developed in this moment of history.

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J.J. is a guerrilla remixer and resident of the Miami and Chicago area. J.J. enjoys breaking the status quo by culture jamming famous artwork and music into a new perspective. Most people would consider the work to be a remix with subliminal political and humanitarian messages. If J.J. were to describe their art, it would be a Weird Al Yankovic song illustrated by Andy Warhol.


  1. Trump is president because of establishment sponsored fake news that gave him $2 billion in free air time. And now he uses the fake news line right back at those who paid white men in $25k suits to write the propoganda line. Failed strategy that played right into his hands.

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