During Obama’s entire two terms, republicans got a kick out of trying to force Obama to say ‘Islamic terrorists’. Even Donald Trump, to display his brash defiance, would scream it loud at rallies and on mountaintops. According to The Donald, Obama was too weak to say those two words, but I’ll do it. As it turns out, most people will not say those two words. Trump’s new national security adviser Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, is one person who will not.

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Republicans will do anything to make that crowd of tank-top wearing, alt-right supporting republicans cheer. Albeit, the same admiration a class of fifth graders may give to the brave student who starts talking shit to the teacher. They tried so hard to get Obama to say ‘Islamic terrorists’ and why? What would it have done?

Trump’s national security adviser will be Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster. He is replacing Michael Flynn, Trump’s first choice, after he was forced to resign because of allegedly lying to Mike Pence. nbc26 article

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On Thursday, McMaster gave his first staff meeting, where he said labels like “radical Islamic terrorism” are not helpful because he said terrorists are “un-Islamic.” NY Post article

Hold on.

Does that not defy all of Trump’s ‘Islamic crackdown’ ideas?

With his national security adviser believing that terrorists are the opposite of Islams, how will Trump conduct his campaign promise to kick out Islamic people from the country because of their ties to terrorism.

Maybe Trump does not even believe this. Maybe this Islamic ban is nothing more than a bone he threw to his supporters.

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Trump’s list of countries banned from entering America, are just poor countries with heavy Islamic populations. Hence, Trump’s security adviser obviously does not agree with Trump’s security measures. It’ll be interesting to see what role McMaster plays in this.

Had Trump not made Islam bashing a cornerstone of his campaign, it is questionable if he would be in the White House. His racist and ugly ideology certainly inspired many people to register to vote. The ironic part though, is that ‘Islamic terrorists’ simply are not a coherent label.

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Five years ago, there were 2.2 billion Christians in the world making it ‘by far’ the world’s largest religion. Islam is the second most common religion with 1.6 billion out of a global population of 6.9 billion. By 2070, it is estimated that there will be more people of the Islamic faith than of the Christian faith, DailyMail article.

That was why Obama would never say ‘Islamic terrorists’. To erroneously label the second biggest religion in the world as killers, is a foolish thing to do. President of the United States should know better. Trump, and his legions of toothless uneducated supporters are the only ones under this spiteful impression.

At least everyone else in our government disagrees with The Donald.