From 1932 to 1996, West Virginia voted democratic 14 of 17 times. West Virginia was considered one of the safest democratic bastions in the country. Consequently, how was Trump able to win a state that some of the most seasoned republican politicians of the century could not? Trump’s illustrious promises to save the coal mining industry was how.

Trump’s promises to save the coal mining industry typify the election as well as his supporters better than anything else. That was why I wrote several articles about this exact issue.

The Only Coal Trump Will Get Will be on Christmas Morning

In Trump’s defense, there could be no better promise to attract swarms of votes than flashing images of bringing back the coal industry.

Coal is cheap. Coal is every where. PLUS, it would make us less dependent on foreign oil. Coal could be mined and then used right in our backyard! Hands down, coal is the best source of energy we’ve got, that is of course, if you are one of those global warming skeptics.

Republicans don’t care about destroying our children’s world. Thankfully, democrats do and have enacted environmental regulations that make it costlier to use coal..

I thought it was fascinating that some Trump supporters really believed Trump when he promised to resurrect the coal industry. This is music to the ears of an unemployed coal miner. Now it seems as if his promises were just more shallow lies.

Coal’s decline is  as a result of natural gas’ rise. Natural gas is cheaper, cleaner, and easier to abstract and use. But Trump’s highly impractical promises to bring back coal, overnight made him a champion of the blue collar worker.

During the campaign, Trump also vilified democrats as the reason for coal’s decline. Obama and his environmental regulation also made it much more expensive to coal mine. After all, 50,000 coal industry jobs were lost in Obama’s first term.

Even considering all of Trump’s bombastic coal promises during the election, the candidate who offered the greatest saving grace for the industry was Bernie. His promise to ban fracking would have crippled the natural gas industry. NBCNews article

So Trump gets elected. All of the coal miners were ecstatic. They were certain that their jobs would be returned shortly. What does Trump do in his first week in office for the energy industry?

He signs executive orders to advance the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline. Both of these projects immeasurably help the natural gas industry. NBCNews

The only thing he gave the coal industry was a little short-lived hope.