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Donald Trump/Family Values/Media

Republican Number one Role Model, Milo Yiannopoulos, Turns Out to be a Pedophile

Milo Yiannopoulos is the republican’s latest social weapon. He is a British writer based in the US. He is young, outspoken and flamboyantly gay. Republicans like to prance him around and show to the world that every republican is not Mitch McConnell. Don’t be fooled by his appearance though. Besides his age, there really isn’t much difference between him and the rest of that pack of republican wolves. Another striking similarity between him and other… Keep Reading

Trump Begins Killing Beloved Programs Like PBS in Order to Save Friends and Family Members Cash

One of Trump’s many campaign promises was to kill Big Bird. Now that Representative Mick Mulvaney has been nominated and accepted as budget director, the Trump administration has about nine programs they are going to eliminate such as, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Legal Services Corporation, AmeriCorps and the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities. These are all beloved programs. Also, these programs only cost our government a tiny fraction compared to what… Keep Reading

Fox news/Media/President Trump

We are at War with the Press: If you Have Nothing Good to Say, Don’t Say Anything At All

There is a new army gathering at our shores. According to our president, this entity is the true “enemy of the American people.” Not terrorists, not pollution, not technological warfare, but our president tell us to fear the press. According to a Fox News Poll, it is working. More Americans trust Donald Trump than the news media. Let us examine that statement. I feel it says a lot more about the intelligence of Americans than it… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Election/Op-Ed

Everyone Doubted it, but Trump is Actually Making America Great Again

  Everyone knows who their state and federal representatives are without having to google. Millions of Americans are exercising more. They’re holding signs and marching every week. Alec Baldwin is great again. Everyone has forgotten that he is kind of a jerk. The Postal Service is enjoying the influx cash due to stamps purchased by millions of people for letter and postcard campaigns. Likewise, the pharmaceutical industry is enjoying record growth in sales of antidepressants. Millions… Keep Reading

Dr Seuss Remixes - Trump Fake News Bonnet.
Political Comics

Donald Trump’s Fake News Bonnet

President Trump’s new posted a tweet to his Twitter account attacking very specific news outlets for creating “Fake News.” He claimed that they were the enemy. In this remix parody of the original Dr. Seuss, the cartoon suggests that you can place a bonnet on your head then dig it into the sand. The United States remains built on the fundamentals of freedom of speech which includes media news. The ironic aspect is that perhaps… Keep Reading

Republicans Enact Legislation to Shield Themselves From Future Investgations

Trump’s administration may seem completely unprepared for the task of leading our country and our world. However, they are very careful to protect themselves in case the robbery they are committing today is investigated tomorrow. As the republicans hide behind their shield, America is going up in flames. The first few weeks of his administration have been an unrelenting chain of grade-school mistakes. His white house secretary, literally, called her flattering lies “alternative facts”. Our president… Keep Reading

Mark Gaetz/Republican

Republican Representative Mark Gaetz from Conservative Florida Panhandle has a lot of Secrets in his Closet – Part Two

That bible-thumping and squeaky clean image that Republican freshman Rep. Matt Gaetz tries to portray is only a facade. He must be very conservative because his district in the panhandle of Florida is one of the most conservative in the country. Gaetz however, lives a much different life than that pristine image he maintains. On the inside, lies a gallery of red lights. His record reveals at least seven arrests for drunk driving, murder suspicion… Keep Reading

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz from Conservative Florida Panhandle has A lot of Secrets in his Closet – Part 1

My two articles today will both be about the Republican freshman Rep. Matt Gaetz, from Florida. My editor told me to write an article about how republicans want to destroy the EPA. As terrifying as that statement is, my research led me to the door step of Matt Gaetz, a republican representative that few Americans know. The only thing awesome about this guy is how he typifies every single Republican. His district is one of… Keep Reading

Dr Seuss Remixes - Alternative Facts The Predicted Censorship
Political Comics

Alternative Facts The Predicted Censorship

This remix of the Dr. Seuss classic parody the original with the “alternative facts.” In recent discussion Trump is accusing the media of creating false information or as he calls it “fake news” and “alternative facts.” In case you did not know the term originated from George Orwell. In the history of subtle use of literature reference, this may be the winner. George Orwell’s most famous literary pieces include the book 1984 and Animal Farm.… Keep Reading

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