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Donald Trump/Jeff Sessions

Will Jeff Sessions be able to Properly Investigate His BFFs, Trump and Flynn? Unlikely

The FBI, led by Jeff Sessions, will conduct several investigations into the connections between Trump’s cabinet members and the Russian government. Depending on the severity of these connections, our president faces treason indictments. This is seemingly a good sign for any one who appreciates unveiling the truth. However, keep in mind who will be heading this investigation. Recently appointed Jeff Sessions is the US Attorney General. The FBI, the same agency that will be investigating… Keep Reading

Dr Seuss Political Cartooon Swamp Devil Matt Gaetz
Political Comics

Swamp Devil Matt Gaetz

In the original cartoon from Dr. Seuss comic had a person wearing a Lindbergh sash patting a water monster with Nazi symbols all over it. The caption said, “Tis Roosevelt, not Hitler that the world should really fear.” This remix by J.J. shows Lindbergh as Trump and the water monster has been upgraded into a Swamp Devil. In this parody, Florida rookie politician Rep. Matt Gaetz who introduced a bill to terminate the Environmental Protection… Keep Reading

Entertainment/President Trump

Kid Rock Wants you to Buy his Concert Tickets, but he Doesn’t want to pay for your Kid’s Education, He Might be Headed to White House

Rocker-Rapper Kid Rock is being lured into the political arena by Michigan Republican and Tea Party activist Wes Nakagiri. According to the Pulse of Radio, Wes Nakagiri feels that Rock “has name I.D., is an out-of-the-box idea, and would kind of get rid of that stodgy Republican image.” Blabbermouth article Donald Trump’s showman identity has apparently given every conservative celebrity a glimmer of hope that one day, they could be President of the United States.… Keep Reading

Trump’s Campaign Promises are Gonna Cost A Lot of Cash!

How much will all those spectacular campaign promises cost? Few can argue that Trump is our president as a result of the bold promises he made during the campaign trail. All he had to do was mention the words “I’m gonna kick all of them out”, and the stadiums would explode with applause. Trump promised his supporters that he was going to remove all of the illegals from our country. Now, that we have returned… Keep Reading

Election/Media/President Trump

Our President is Right, there was Voter Fraud, Except it was all Committed by Republicans

Trump’s claims of voter fraud are very indicative of the many neurosis’ swimming around that gigantic orange cranium of his. The morning after Trump’s sensational election victory, he shocked America by calling his win the YUGEST since the dawn of time. That comment apparently came out of Trump’s other head, the tiny one, because it was entirely false. It was uttered beneath that same juvenile instinct that might scream, ‘Nuh uh, I called it first’,… Keep Reading

Betsy Devos/Donald Trump/Education

Republicans Don’t Want us to be Smarter than a Fifth Grader, Sixth Graders Question Authority

Do republicans really want us to be smarter? I’m sure some of you scoffed after reading such a sentence. Of course our leaders want us to be smarter. But you can’t deny that republicans do better with a population of less educated people. It is harder to trick someone who is more educated. Not like education automatically makes one smarter, but educated people are more likely to question things, and not accept everything that is… Keep Reading

Iowan Firefighters and Police Officers were Tricked into Voting Republican, now they are Pissed

Last election night, Iowan republicans were toasting glasses of bubbly in celebration. They had successfully tricked the state’s firefighters and police officers into voting for them. As a result, nearly all collective bargaining rights had been stripped from most of the state’s public employees. “It’s collective begging, that’s what it is,” John Thomas, a police officer from Mitchellville said. “Half of law enforcement folks I work with are Republicans. And we voted for Republicans because… Keep Reading

President Trump/taxes

President Wants to ‘Make America Great Again’, Just Not With Any of his Taxes

The wait to see Trump’s taxes may be coming to an end, also the moon may fall out of the sky. Developments have been steadily mounting in pursuit of Trump’s taxes, but with the government predominantly controlled by republicans, it is unlikely we will ever see them. President Trump can just stick his fingers in his ears and ignore America’s requests to see his taxes. When someone suggests that Trump should show his taxes, he… Keep Reading

One of Trump’s Biggest Promises to Bring Back Coal Mining Turns Out to be One Fat Lie

From 1932 to 1996, West Virginia voted democratic 14 of 17 times. West Virginia was considered one of the safest democratic bastions in the country. Consequently, how was Trump able to win a state that some of the most seasoned republican politicians of the century could not? Trump’s illustrious promises to save the coal mining industry was how. Trump’s promises to save the coal mining industry typify the election as well as his supporters better… Keep Reading

Everything about Donald is Small, Especially his Rally Crowds, They Keep Getting Smaller

During the election, Trump could not stop talking about how YUGE his crowds were. But then the moment he won the election, those crowds began to dissipate. They got like microscopic. The world was shocked to see the tiny little inauguration day crowds. Yes, it was in democratic Washington DC, but those loyal Trumpkins could have made the trip to relish their savior’s victory. But they didn’t. Some analysts have called Trump’s inauguration parades the… Keep Reading

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