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Hail the Protester, Our only Defense Against Trump’s Tyranny

The protester is the only beautiful thing about Trump’s Muslim ban. No matter what color you are, or your age, or your sex, everyone recognizes how atrocious the ban is. The thought of living in a country where people are unable to practice their religion is frightening, but you know what would even be more terrifying? Imagine if Trump’s ban went down without a peep. Imagine if no one could see the harm in refusing… Keep Reading

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon, Our President’s Brain, Says that he is a Leninist- That Explains A lot

  Steve Bannon is a Leninist. He is also our president’s Chief Strategist. Over night, Steve Bannon has become, arguably, the most important man in the world. He is not our president, but by sculpting our president’s agenda, the far-right conspiracy theorist has just become more important than our president. When we examine Steve Bannon’s extreme political views, his position of prominence becomes terrifying. He has spent his life spewing anti-government rhetoric and now, he… Keep Reading

EU/President Trump

EU President Lists Biggest Threats: China, Russia, Radical Islam, War and Trump’s America

The President of the European Union has listed the Trump administration along with China, Russia, radical Islam, war and terror as external threats to the EU. CBS news article EU President Donald Tusk wrote a letter to 27 EU leaders. In it, he echoed the fears of many European capitals. Accordingly, he wrote that the new American leadership makes the EU future very unpredictable. “Particularly the change in Washington puts the European Union in a difficult… Keep Reading

Fox news/Islam/Media/Middle East

What is the Role of Fox Second Largest Stake Holder Prince Alwaleed bib Talal?

Fox News’ second biggest shareholder, right after Rupert Murdoch, is Prince Alwaleed bib Talal, Politifact article. This was the same prince that got into a vicious Twitter war with Donald Trump during the elections. As a result, the intricate relationships here are weirder than an episode of General Hospital. Lemme try to recap the past few episodes…. The Saudi billionaire prince loans Trump some money when he was in a fix back in the nineties.… Keep Reading

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