A few weeks ago, at the 25th Annual Movieguide Awards, music legend Pat Boone was asked by a reporter if he was concerned about the state of Hollywood today. Look ‘Pat Boone’ up in a dictionary and you’ll see the words ‘family values’.

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“Hollywood should be presenting the very best picture of America and who the average people want to be.”

“We used to win awards with movies that show people in the best possible light,” the singer added. “Now, more and more people get awards for being a vampire.” BizPacReview article

If you couldn’t figure it out, Pat Boone is a YUGE Trump supporter.

The Annual Movieguide Awards celebrates faith-based entertainment. Donald Trump has been a star to the religious right community for the past six decades.

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I’m sure most people reading this article have never heard of Pat Boone. Back in the fifties though, he was one of the most successful musicians. According to Billboard, Pat Boone sold the most records in the fifties, only behind Elvis.

The secret of Pat Boone’s success was his golden image. Pat Boone sold so many records, because every parent wanted their kids to turn out like him. His impeccably squeaky clean image embodied the fifties. Ever see Leave it to Beaver? Pat Boone was that crew cut, the cardigan and a faith more resilient than a ray of sunshine.

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Pat Boone appealed to a strictly white audience. However, all of his music was stolen from black musicians. Back then, a black rock and roller had it very tough. He signed away his rights to his music for a few dollars, which surely seemed like a fortune, and then watched as Pat Boone rode that song across every Billboard chart in the country.

Take for example the story of Fred Paris, he wrote one of the most beloved songs of all times, “In the Still of the Night”. The song sold between ten and fifteen million copies. Instead of earning the more than $100,000 in royalties, Mr. Paris signed away all rights to the song for a paltry $783. BND article

Here are just a few songs, that Pat stole from black artists:

  • 1955 cover of Fats Domino’s “Aint’ that a Shame”,
  • 1956 cover of Ivory Joe Hunter’s “I Almost Lost my Mind”,
  • Covers of Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” and “Long Tall Sally”,
  • And many more number one hits for Pat Boone.

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Advertisers loved Pat Boone because of his conservative Christian faith. He was a long time GM spokesman. Pat Boone was a great business man. He was very careful to cultivate this advertising friendly personality, that he even declined a movie role with Marilyn Monroe, because he thought that she was considered too much of a risky harlot.

He had some acrimonious words for Meryl Streep, who denounced Trump during an acceptance speech that she gave.

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“Now, first of all, I don’t think that award shows are the place to express some narrow political view,” he said. “Now, it’s not narrow to her, or to most of that audience. But to most of America, who had elected a man that she detests and doesn’t wanna even give a chance to.”

Pat Boone feels that Donald Trump’s win is a testament for the conservative identity of America.

“Donald Trump’s unprecedented, emphatic win is a tremendous rebuke, a humongous… slap to the pompous, pampered Hollywood super-rich, supercilious, super brainwashed, over privileged crowd,” he told FOX411. FoxNews article

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You’d think that Pat Boone would have been in quite a pickle, defending Donald Trump across the Bible Belt during the elections. After all, Donald Trump was facing class action fraud charges as well as many sexual assault allegations from different women.

Despite my admirable communication skills, I don’t think I could walk into a church and convince them to vote for someone who was currently being investigated among for stealing tuition money from little high school students!

Hats off to you, Patrick!

Here was what he said to those impressionable minds,

“Seventy percent of the voting public even in the various parties don’t like those candidates,” Boone said on ‘The Steve Malzberg Show.’ “So we’ve got to forget about who the candidates are, look at the platforms because that’s what’s going to determine our future, not either of those two people.”

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Boone paraphrased 2 Chronicles 7:14, saying God says,

“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face, turn from their own wickedness, including calling each other names, I’ll hear from heaven, I’ll forgive their sin, I’ll heal their land.”

“if we keep shunning him, pushing him out of governmental concerns, then he’ll say, ‘OK, have it your way, see how you do it on your own.’ That’s not what the founding fathers had in mind.” NewsMax article

These poignant arguments are what persuaded America to elect our president.