President The Donald is the first president, and maybe the first public figure, to postulate that any bad headline about him should be considered “fake news”. I must confess that I used to share that mentality about myself….when I was twelve. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, the most important man in the world, is telling us, that if we see anything bad about him, dismiss it as a lie.

This is what Donald Trump tweeted yesterday morning,

“Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.”

“I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it,” he wrote.

**Please note He did not include conservative channel Fox in that list of channels that posted incorrect polls during the election. Although Fox posted the same polls as everyone else. Could it be, Trump is reluctant to bad mouth Fox, considering how devastated Trumpkins would get, as they would be torn between two lovers?

**Also note – Trump’s use of the word any, stipulates that regardless of the news content, or the name of the media company, or the author who wrote it, or the headline, if it includes anything unflattering about President Trump, it isn’t true.

Great attitude for the President of our country to have! Hopefully, he will be less secretive with releasing news stories that impact our lives.

Trump’s entire campaign as well as his administration has really been a conquest of smoke and mirrors. Press Secretary Sean Spicer defended Trump’s egotistical claims that his inauguration crowds were the largest crowds ever assembled.

Yeah, I remember when I was twelve.

It looks like our president did not get much affection from his parents. Why else is approval and attention so important to him? It is very weird.

How about when coked-out Kellyanne Conway justified this false headline as being “alternative facts”? And then made up some fictitious massacre event in an attempt to warrant Trump’s ban on Muslims.

Even his victory and his footing in the polls was but an illusory deception. Every poll said Trump was losing and then he managed to win it!?

According to Gallup, Donald Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any president just two weeks into office. Most presidents have the highest approval ratings of their presidency, just after inauguration.

Overwhelming opposition to his executive orders signed during the first few days he was in office, would account for his abysmal approval ratings.

It seems that every minute, more people are coming out in opposition to our president. John Yoo, the constitutional scholar who wrote an opinion piece backing President George W. Bush’s authority to torture terror suspects, now believes President Trump is overstepping his authority in numerous areas of foreign policy. Yahoo article

Say what you want about our President, but he is a master salesman. He knows how to sell a pencil sharpener to a dude who only has pens. That was why Trump ran as a republican, although being a registered democrat for most of his life. Democrats would only laugh at his con jobs. Republicans, on the other hand, were mesmerized with his quick moves and fast talking.

We’re not in the campaigns anymore.

Now, Trump has both parties watching his every move. When it was just the corn-cob smoking republicans daftly cheering him on at his rallies, he could have walked down Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and they would still love him. Now that he has more eyes on him, his masquerade is unraveling quickly.