My two articles today will both be about the Republican freshman Rep. Matt Gaetz, from Florida.

My editor told me to write an article about how republicans want to destroy the EPA. As terrifying as that statement is, my research led me to the door step of Matt Gaetz, a republican representative that few Americans know. The only thing awesome about this guy is how he typifies every single Republican. His district is one of the most conservative in the county. Still, if I had a nickle for every sin he is rumored to have committed, I’d have enough for a phone call.

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According to a Fox News report, he is introducing a bill to finally abolish the EPA. I use the word ‘finally’ because the EPA has been bugging republicans for a long time. According to republicans, all that the EPA does is implement regulations that cost the elite lots of cash.

The bill is not even a page long. It looks like it took someone two minutes to write up. However preposterous the bill is, the creep who wrote it, is even more of a joke. With seven arrests, murder suspicions, and even an alleged gay lifestyle, Matt Gaetz is the epitome of the republican politician. From the corner, he preaches, ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’

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“It is time to take back our legislative power from the EPA and abolish it permanently…. This legislation abolishes the EPA effective December 31, 2018,” Gaetz wrote in an e-mail message to his congressional colleagues.

Gaetz’s legislation has the potential to cause serious harm to the Pensacola area that he represents. The area’s economy relies on tourism. Such tourism would erode as quickly as the Pensacola beaches, if he triumphantly destroys the EPA.

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A brief history of the EPA, shows how it rescued that very area. Before the EPA was created, a private wood treatment factory released cancer-causing dioxins into Pensacola Bay without consequence. The EPA cleaned the area up, and saved the tourism industry in the Panhandle. IrregularTimes

As a result of the potential economic harm Gaetz’ legislation will cause to his district, Democratic Women’s Club is protesting his events. For protection against the female protesters, Gaetz has organized militia-men and biker groups. This is the same group of bikers that provided Trump muscle against the Women’s March on Washington.

Come on, Mark! Do you really need biker protection against the Democratic Women’s Club?

One of Trump’s campaign promises was to kill the EPA. When he would propose this at his rallies, the crowd would explode in applause. For the life of me, I could not tell you why. The only people who would benefit from no EPA are wealthy factory owners. I guarantee that there were no wealthy factory owners in those crowds of tank-top wearing, swastika-waving, cross burning enthusiasts. Essentially, the crowd is cheering for wealthy people to save money. In addition, all the parents in that crowd were cheering about making the world shittier for their kids.

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If you don’t care about making the world more filthy for tomorrow’s generation, here are some consequences that abolishing the EPA would cause, that you might care about.

Even a Trumpkin could figure out that if we abolish one department, the responsibilities of that department would have to be conducted by someone else.

The EPA responds to oil spills, chemical, biological, radiological releases, and large-scale national emergencies. EPA also provides additional response assistance when state and local first responder capabilities have been exhausted or when additional support is requested. EPA

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Few departments have more important responsibilities than that. Hopefully, we won’t find ourselves at the mercy of such a disaster, but every year hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans are dependent on these services. When state and local capabilities have been exceeded, the EPA is called in for any disaster, including homeland security incidents and large scale natural disasters. If the republicans get their way, and the EPA won’t be there to lend us a hand, who would?

If a chemical accident ravages a town, instead of the EPA, the local firemen and police officers would now be responsible for draining the city streets and rescuing victims. In addition, these civil servants would have to clean up oil spills and get rid of chemical wastes. With the elimination of the EPA, there would no longer be an agency empowered to stop corporations from polluting American cities, mountains, rivers, or beaches.

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Getting rid of the EPA would be handing a lot more work to firemen and police officers. Which, in turn, would force them to focus less on their main jobs of preventing fires and crime.

Like almost everything Trump says, his proposals to do away with the EPA are not likely to occur. Killing the EPA would require Congress approval, which will not happen. If he doesn’t kill the EPA, Trump could handicap the agency, by slashing funding. Considering the people that he nominated to head the agency, Donald Trump obviously does not think the EPA is so important. For example, Myron Ebell, a prominent climate change denier, has been nominated to lead the EPA.

Rep. Gaetz may get his wish to cripple the EPA and the safety of Americans as well.