Trump’s administration may seem completely unprepared for the task of leading our country and our world. However, they are very careful to protect themselves in case the robbery they are committing today is investigated tomorrow. As the republicans hide behind their shield, America is going up in flames.

The first few weeks of his administration have been an unrelenting chain of grade-school mistakes. His white house secretary, literally, called her flattering lies “alternative facts”. Our president has insulted our most important allies, while bedding our most dangerous foes. His platforms that ban religions from entering our country and seek to deport millions of undocumented Hispanics, have forced our once peaceful country to erupt in protests. About 60,000 immigrants had their visa revoked to satisfy Trump’s white supremacist chief strategist. NYMag article

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Within a few weeks, the anarchy that the Trump administration has compelled is astounding. Meanwhile, behind DC drawn curtains, republicans are taking action!

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Despite their recklessness, they are taking precautions. Some of the legislation that our leaders are implementing are intended to protect themselves from the rising swamp.

That’s right. Our politicians are robbing us blind, but also, making sure they never can be prosecuted for it.

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Like a little church mouse, the House Republicans changed a rule last week that would allow members not to show their records from a criminal investigation.

In other words, thanks to a republican law, politicians are allowed to conceal anything that may incriminate them. Even if the Office of Congressional Ethics or the Department of Justice demands evidence, the politician does not have to show it.
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According to the ratification, a member of Congress is the owner of any document that they create. This law will shield republicans from the most damaging and self-serving laws they implement.

Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics, said that the change “is not good”.

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“Why on earth would Congress now create barriers to investigation and subpoenas of a member’s spending records?” she added. “This only benefits the incumbent politicians who passed this rule and those who would flout it, not the system and certainly not the public.

“Records created, generated, or received by the congressional office of a Member … are exclusively the personal property of the individual member … and such Member … has control over such records,” the regulation states. BusinessInsider article

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No one should have any doubt. Now, we can all be confident that most republicans and ALL of Trump’s administration are in politics to enrich themselves. They don’t care at all about you or me.