Trump has Already Cost You More for his Vacations Than Obama did in Any One Year Period

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Remember all those complaints about Obama’s vacations? They seem to take on a different meaning now that Lex Luthor is president. Everything about Obama bothered republicans. Lex railed about Obama’s birth certificate for years, until he became president and it didn’t bother him anymore.

Republican senators wanted Obama impeached just because of his birth place. Imagine the fury had Russia fixed the elections in Obama’s favor! In 2013, Republican congressman Kerry Bentivolio said about impeaching Obama, that “it would be a dream come true.”

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Obama’s vacations was another thing that really chapped every republican politician’s ass. During his presidency, it seemed that no one was more irate with all the vacations that he took than The Donald,

“Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf.” Mr. Trump tweeted on Oct. 13, 2014. “Worse than Carter.”

A day later, he tweeted,

“We pay for Obama’s travel so he can fundraise millions so Democrats can run on lies. Then we pay for his golf.”

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Apparently, The Donald has had a change of heart, because he is playing a lot of golf himself. Also, the amount of money him and his family vacationing has cost the taxpayer is quite astronomical.

The Donald’s three trips to his Mar-a-Lago resorts cost the U.S. Treasury roughly $11 million, including security and staffing costs, according to a Washington Post report. That is just in one month. Obama spent $12 million on vacations in one year! So us taxpayers paid our president $11 million to go on vacations!

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Trump’s wife and kids have refused to live in the White House. Instead, they will be staying in Trump Towers. That means the Secret Service needs to fill up two floors of rooms in Trump Towers. And me and you get to pay for it. Because Baron does not want to go to a new middle school, me and you get douched with paying an extra $1 million a day for security, according to money.conn.

Keep in mind, I didn’t even mention the rest of his family flying all over the world and staying in Trump’s lavish resorts. Now we pay for that!

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If this article has not infuriated you, this part will – guaranteed! All of this money is going into Trump’s pockets. He owns the resorts that he stays at every weekend, plus he owns the buildings that the Secret Service need to rent rooms. Trump might be a terrible president, but he will be the president that made the most financially of his position.

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  1. Did not trump complain about the 2 vacation Obama had in one year .
    Things to vacations cost the taxpayers 12 million dollars.
    Now the three weekends and Florida that Trump took in 28 days cost the taxpayers 10 million dollars not even a year yet.

  2. In Trump Towers where his wife’s stays she doesn’t like Washington that’s costing the taxpayer two million dollars a day for security and the expense . Trump, refuse to take is $400,000 salary a year and hasn’t paid taxes in 18 years.
    We really got a good deal , didn’t we !. On top of all of that we get a Trader that has committed treason and not one Republican is saying a word.

  3. I think you have to check your figures there. Nobody has used Air Force One more than Obama. Obama used Air Force One to take his wife out for nights out in New York and Chicago. He used it for god knows how many vacations in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard. Then another big bodied government aircraft was used to ferry his wife around on private trips. Trump wanted to continue using his own plane for private trips but was told he had to use Marine One or Air Force One. Let’s not forget Obama’s social trip to Africa where US tax payers paid for hotels he was staying in, to be fitted with bullet proof glass. The US navy was positioned (off the coast of Africa) in the Atlantic ocean with Aircraft carrier and support submarines. They had the same position in the Indian Ocean (Off Africa) when he went from the west to east coast of Africa. On top of that there was the usual entourage of vehicles and security details that follow him around. Trump has a long long way to go to catch up with Obama.

  4. He gave up his salary of 400k to save the American taxpayer money. He didn’t need it. Yet, between our paying for his son’s business trips and his trips to Mar-a-Lago for 3 weekends (Camp David isn’t good enough), not to mention his other costs for his ‘campaign’ rallies….he has FAR exceeded anything that Obama ever thought of.

  5. That’s the most absurd lie told during the entire election season. What normal person would believe such a whopper. Is this all the Hilbots have? They’ve been looking for two years and this is all they can find.

    Go to Wikileaks and in twenty minutes you could uncover multiple perjuries, bribery and massive charity fraud by Hillary. Some people must be so brainwashed by the fascist media they have lost their common sense.

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