Trump’s meteoric rise to the white house has taught a thing or two to tyrannical dictators across the globe. Syrian President Bashar Assad, for example, has torn a page right out of that orange playbook. Assad is trying to squash all negative news about him by calling it “fake news”. This is the same ruler who has been accused of mass genocide in a “calculated campaign of extrajudicial execution” at a military prison outside of Damascus. Yahoo article

In an interview with Yahoo, Assad dismissed these dispicable headlines as being a product of the “fake news era”. When something bad comes out about Trump, he just walks to a mic, calls it fake news, and goes about his day.

It is truly a spectacular way of dealing with impeachable offenses. Do whatever you want, and if the media finds out about it, just call it “fake news”. According to Assad, a human rights group, Amnesty International, is soiling his reputation, in an attempt to discredit his government.

Every day, Trump degrades some slanderous headline as “fake news”. Coming from Trump, this tactic is quite peculiar. One would assume, that if there was a media corporation actually publishing defamatory lies about our president, there would be severe repercussions.

All I know, is that if I was president, and some major newspaper was publishing “fake news” in an attempt to smear my reputation, I would make it my top priority to silence them. Undoubtedly, upon reading that, Trumpkins would defend their idol and say that he has tried to silence such media.

But, what about a lawsuit? A lawsuit would solve the problem. God knows, Trump has sued and been sued more times than maybe anyone else in the country. But now that his legacy is at stake, he chooses not to sue. Trump does not want to sue, because he knows all of these slanderous headlines are not “fake news”.