Trump Wants to End Liberal Arts Education

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As you read this article, Trump’s administration is actively trying to make it more difficult for liberal art students to get a loan.
Trump’s administration thinks that they know better than people who study philosophy or anthropology or psychology or arts. ‘Don’t waste your time,’ Donald Trump says. After all, liberal art graduates have the sixth highest unemployment rate of college graduates.According to this republican-know-it-all wisdom, women also are stupid and can’t decide for themselves whether or not they want to keep their kids.Image result for women are stupidSam Clovis, the Trump campaign’s national co-chair and policy director, told Inside Higher Ed that the idea was formulated based on the assumption that it’s more difficult for those with a liberal arts degree to get a job once they’ve graduated.”If you are going to study 16th-century French art, more power to you. I support the arts,” Clovis said. “But you are not going to get a job.” DailyDot article

Liberal art students are the brave ones. The average poet makes less than the average engineer, but the poet risks everything for his writings. The poet loves his art so much, he is unwilling to succumb to the ball and chain rat race. If Trump had his way, our country would have no poets and no philosophers ultimately, we would have no dreamers. However, Mark Cuban feels the future will need these very dreamers that Trump is trying so hard to squash.

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If you read my articles, you’d probably wager that I don’t like republicans. You are right. However, there are a few republicans that I have respect for. Mark Cuban is certainly one. He owns the Dallas Mavericks, but he has expressed interest in becoming a politician. I might like him less if he was a republican politician, but as for now, when he talks, I listen.

The other day, my friend sent me a very interesting article. During an interview with Mark Cuban at the NBA All-Star Technology Summit in New Orleans, he predicted that in the future, liberal arts will dominate the job market. For me, that news is a bummer. In today’s job market, you’ll find me selling spicy hot dogs on the street corner, although I have written columns for The National Enquirer as well as five novels. My arts will undoubtedly be more appreciated in Mark Cuban’s future.

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According to Pew Research, jobs was the most important issue to voters this election. Donald Trump latched onto this concern and was able to win the presidency by promising to return jobs to America. That assurance is at the heart of all of his cock-eyed ideas. His fantastical wall and his drive to kick out illegal immigrants from our country was appealing, because, in Trump World, his devout supporters would abolish the cheap competition hence, allow those unemployed factory workers to return to the jobs that they lost.

I have written many articles about how absurd this proposal is. American is no longer a manufacturing economy. Such bombastic fantasies are nothing more than chasing comets across the stars: futile and pointless. A more tangible solution to offer the unemployed, would be to improve our nation’s education system. Instead of regressing our nation’s economy back to the days of Laverne and Shirley, wouldn’t it be more more beneficial to educate everyone?

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Of course republicans don’t like that idea. Republicans represent those wealthy factory owners. If everyone had a masters, those factories would be empty. I wrote about that in a recent article:

Republicans Dont Want us to be Smarter than 6th Graders

Mark Cuban said, “The nature of jobs is changing.”

When the interviewer asked him about finance, Cuban replied,

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“That’s the easiest thing — you just take the data have it spit out whatever you need. I personally think there’s going to be a greater demand in 10 years for liberal arts majors than there were for programming majors and maybe even engineering, because when the data is all being spit out for you, options are being spit out for you, you need a different perspective in order to have a different view of the data. And so having someone who is more of a freer thinker.

Trump has been our president for a little more than a month, but already his policies have served the opposite effect as to what was intended. For example, take that fantastical wall that is supposed to bring jobs back to America. Before one lousy brick is even cemented, look at how the mere proposal has affected world economies. For one thing, the Mexican peso has plummeted as a result of Trump’s wall proposal. In turn, that has made it even more profitable for American business owners to employ Mexicans.

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Who knows? Considering Trump only hires foreign Visas, maybe that was his intention all along. If his silly wall proposal accomplishes anything, at least it costs Trump less now to hire illegal immigrants to build his buildings.

Imagine a world filled with cut-throat bankers and scrupulous lawyers. No one even knows what a haiku is or what a sonnet is. There is no color in the world, but different shades of gray. Out of this apocalyptic wasteland a poet will emerge. His art will be so appreciated that his services will be worth a hundred times what they are today. As a result, kids will chose to study liberal arts.

Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on Amazon.com, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.


  1. I would favor more education funding directed to vocational programs that teach people job skills and how to make a living after graduating. I think too much money is wasted on lib arts degrees that are oversaturated and pumping kids heads full of leftist political philosophy. We have enough jobless social justice warriors.

  2. Okay! I am fucking furious now!!!! I have a liberal arts degree in a foreign language and liberal arts education is one of the most beautiful valuable things offered by any college or university. If you take away the liberal arts all you have left is math, science, business and law. So people will be forced to choose from them which makes them feel very unhappy. This is just disgusting.

  3. “Empowering Citizens”

    Can you believe this liberal president
    All he pushes for is helping the needy
    I’m sick of this guy
    And his inability to be greedy
    What about me? He forgot about me
    When he gave you more rights, they made me less free
    Though my taxes are lower
    I’ll complain of the fee
    For I won’t stand for tolerance
    Not related to me

    Along comes our savior
    He is tan as can be
    He tells me he’s smart so I trust him to see
    How to fix all my problems and fix this great land
    I know he will do this, I know that he can
    Nevermind that he’s stolen.
    Nevermind that he lies.
    Nevermind that he’s cheated.
    You can’t make me despise

    Our institutions will save us, don’t you worry about that
    Our leaders are just evening out, the injustice we’ve had
    For the schools aren’t efficient and the industry bleak
    We must give the men power
    To strengthen profits too weak
    They’re empowering us and it’s about time
    We don’t need regulation, it has not been benign

    Fracking earthquakes be damned, Fossil fuels are the goal
    We’ll enjoy our free market
    As long as prices stay low
    Schools aren’t efficient and our children aren’t learning
    Let’s all trust big business to provide what we’re yearning
    Immigrantion’s my problem, I believe cuz he said
    It is not due to big business, that is all in my head

    I do not have time
    To follow your news
    I do not define
    Lies as abuse
    I trust the man I’ve elected to come through for me
    Stop showing me facts that prove I don’t see
    I’d rather have peace
    And prosperity now
    Than listen to you
    And the fear you avow

    The stories I’m given by my leaders are chosen
    The laws that we follow are not those proposen
    All of a sudden all humans aren’t equal
    Yet I refuse to accept
    This is a dictator’s sequel

    We agree as they tell us
    What is worth time and care
    It is not the animals, land, water, or air
    Profit and war is the ultimate goal
    He’s turned it into his business, the republic he stole
    Growing economy and adding more weapons
    Over-ride any interest in abating what threatens

    Now isn’t the time for art and the science
    Now is the time for full blind compliance

    Soon comes the call
    It is time to react and we must do so now,
    For there are people we’ve angered with the things that we vow
    To support the leaders who empowered us all
    To thank our kind savior for building a wall
    To keep those who rule
    In comfort and jewels
    We will send our children
    To die for these fools

  4. I just cannot imagine how he comes up with these ideas on a daily basis, or even those who are advising him. What ARE they thinking…..or ARE they thinking…….at all? Where are they going with all of this………….and where ARE WE heading? Something or someone has to stop this guy.

  5. Here we go…. back to the Dark Ages…. ignorance is bliss, and all the better parts of humanity slide into the abyss…. this man is ruin and disaster!! Our highest though, our minds, that which makes us human…. Gandhi was right when he answered the questiion “What Do You Think of Western Civilization?”…. he said “I Think It Would Be a Good Idea”.

  6. Because if we teach the arts we create free thinkers. People that believe in crazy ideas like equality. People that believe in humanity and can make others feel safe. You know, they thirst for knowledge. That means they will be too smart to keep held down… 👍

  7. Republicans have for several years been trying to turn universities into trade schools. Some Democrats have gone along under the mantra of people getting jobs after graduation, in spite of the fact that many businesses want liberal arts graduates because they can listen, analyze and communicate.

  8. Why do the Conservatives,
    ( Trump is a conservative, because he certainly isn’t liberal in the American sense of the term.)
    Always seem to fear the arts?
    The Liberal party in Australian, which is a Conservative party, has cut funding to the arts and tried to control who received what funding remains and they justify this by claiming it is financially unviable but is it because the arts require critical thinking?
    And encouraging critical thinking is a treat to the control of the masses.
    I believe it is an extension of the reduction in educational funding and the reduction in the carriculum.
    As George Catlin said
    ” they don’t want educated people, they want us smart enough to operate the machinery but dumb enough not to question the system.”

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