Donald Trump became president by exclusively touting a nationalistic agenda. America would no longer be Mr. Nice Guy on the world scene. He felt that those security treaties we signed with Japan and Germany after the Second World War, should no longer be valid. Why should we pay for their military? On Trump’s first day in office, he got us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), or as he called it, “the worst deal….EVER”.

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To the simple mind, Trump’s rejection of these global pacts seem good for America. When we have to pay more to sell our goods in another country, we are getting a rotten deal. But these deals are not that simple. For example, those post World War Two security agreements created two of our best allies in the world. You can’t put a price tag on that. Because of our willingness to help and our eagerness to trade, Americans are loved almost everywhere in the world.

That love will undoubtedly begin to crumble under President Trump.

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Trump is the first president since the EU began that has actively voiced his opposition to it. In addition, Trump’s love for Putin, has European leaders petrified. The Kremlin would gain immeasurable benefit and the EU would suffer a major setback with the White House’s faith in NATO weakened. Huffington Post article

Spain is a country especially cautious to embrace Trump’s political ideologies.

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Once the facist Franco regime toppled in the 70s, Spain entered Europe’s thriving economy. Because of Spain’s location at Europe’s entrance to the Mediterranean, US saw Spain as “a vital geo-strategic asset in the Cold War and as a NATO member.” . wsws article

Spain never questioned having the US manage Spain’s national interests, because the US encouraged European integration. Europe’s growth was contingent upon American growth and vice versa.

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Spain’s nationalist program is called the Vox Party. A few months ago, it unveiled a new slogan. Translated into English, it is “Make Spain Great Again.”

Vox takes a hard line against the Basque and Catalonian independence movements. Vox and Trump differ on some issues. Party leader Alejo Vidal-Quadras told the Financial Times in 2014 that Vox is “supportive of immigration.”

This might be why far-right populism hasn’t become a significant political force in Spain. Thousands of immigrant flood into Europe through Spain’s borders.

In fact, a week ago, hundreds of immigrants rushed Spain’s North Africa border.

Stop Calling Donald Trump A Fascist, Because He’s Not One