By far, this lie was my favorite. Trump actually convinced unemployed coal miners, that he could get them back to work. For him to deliver on that promise, would entail Trump literally transforming our nation’s economy as a whole. A ludicrous lie indeed, but the fact that people actually believed that he could answer such futile prayers, was mind boggling.

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Coal is a great thing to campaign on. From a distance, it appears to really answer a lot of America’s problems. Coal is cheap and it could be found everywhere. PLUS, it would make us less dependent on foreign oil. Coal could be mined and then used right in our backyard! Hands down, coal is the best source of energy we’ve got, that is of course, if you are one of those global warming skeptics.

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I doubt he really believes this, but Trump claims that all it will take to bring back coal, is to get rid of all of those environmental regulations Obama placed. Such regulations protect the world of our children. If it means an extra buck, republicans could care less about that. Thankfully, democrats care about our world.

As a result, Trump’s promise to bring back coal was very empty. He was 125% confident that no one would ever be mining coal. Still, Trump lied to these unemployed hopeful dreamers, in exchange for their votes.

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Read these bullet points from Bloomberg New Energy Finance,

Reality – At first sight, getting coal miners back to work, may not seem so ludicrous. Just give them their jobs back.

It isn’t that easy.

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There is a long list of reasons as to why the coal miner lost his job. Obama implemented a lot of environmental taxes that made it more expensive for companies to gas their production with coal as opposed to a cheaper and more environmentally friendly natural gas. Even if Trump rolls back all of those regulations, it is still substantially more expensive to use coal than gas. So, Trump would need to explain why a company should spend more money on coal-driven power. In addition, coal is extremely harmful to the environment. Check out this article from the Smithsonian, entitled Natural Gas Really Is Better Than Coal. Smithsonian article

Donald Trump has already taught our nation several important lessons about how our great democracy works. Although, the president may be the most important man in the world, our government is designed to ensure the president needs Congress and the Senate to get anything passed.

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Just because he may want our national anthem to be ‘The Apprentice’ theme song, he’d have to get that approved first. One would’ve thought, that wouldn’t have been so tough, considering the Senate and the Congress are republican as well. But it seems, that none of those promises will ever pass.

As much as republican politicians love The Donald and his unsightly visions, they love themselves a little more. Any politician that votes in favor of Trump’s legislation, whether it be to deny your kid healthcare or to build some useless wall that we would be paying for years to come or to kick out Muslims and Hispanics, will be kissing their political careers goodbye.

To a rip-roaring crowd, on the first day of his presidency, Trump assured America that all of his promises would become a reality. Or was he just trying to placate his supporters?

These bombastic promises were so outrageous, that anyone with at least a double digit IQ should have figured out that they could never happen. Is that how to become president?