During his campaign, no other lie inspired such unadulterated devotion than the Great Wall of Trump. This lie alone, conceived more baby Trumpkins than anything else. In fact, Trump’s entire campaign rested on the promise of keeping out the same illegal immigrants who had stolen his supporter’s jobs. Most at his rallies, were at some sort of disadvantage as a result of the cheap illegal immigration. Finally, a presidential nominee was promising to kick every illegal out of the country!

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Imagine you used to have a good paying job, until you were fired and replaced with an illegal alien. First of all, imagine your job was something that could be replaced with an illegal. Considering that illegal aliens do not typically speak English, the job must have been some sort of labor that is easily transferable.

A president that truly wanted to better you, would advise you to go back to school and get an even better job. However, after listening to Trump’s promise to get your job back, why would you waste your time going back to school? There is no need to train for a better job, Donald Trump promises to get you back that orange picking or mining job.

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How long are you gonna wait? Don’t hold your breath.

As a result of Donald Trump’s promises, for the first time, these unemployed laborers had some hope.

Reality – For starters, America is no longer a manufacturing country. It would take much more than a wall, to bring back the days of Laverne and Shirley on the assembly line.

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Also, if our factories and agricultural operations were entirely stocked with natural born citizens, labor costs would force prices to soar. Donald Trump only hires people on foreign visas. Donald Trump, the man promising to get rid of the illegal work force, hires illegals to construct his buildings. If you don’t interpret that as a clue that Donald Trump was not serious about such promises, than there is a bridge in China I’d love to sell you.

An easy solution to this illegal alien employment problem, would be to fine employers that hire illegals. In that case, the more illegals an employer would hire the larger their fine would become. However, as I stated earlier, Donald Trump would be the nation’s biggest offender. The last thing he wants to do, is reduce his profits. In addition, such fines would infuriate the same people that donated money to his campaign.

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Instead, Donald Trump figured by flaming hatred towards Hispanics, he could get the best of both worlds. He could make it look as if he really cares about the middle class. Apparently, Trump is trying really hard to get their jobs back. But he could do so without threatening the wealthy factory owners with fines or taxes. Brilliant!

Europe tried the same thing. They built walls to keep out the massive number of illegal immigrants. However, according to a report by the UNHCR, a UN refugee agency, millions of euros “poured into shifting burdens across individual countries in Europe, with little progress made on actually reducing the numbers arriving as a whole.” Irinnews article

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Perhaps one day we will rename The Great Wall of Trump, The Great Lie of Trump. Donald Trump was aware of this lie. A wall would do nothing to get his supporter’s jobs back. In addition, it would jack labor costs out of the roof, which wouldn’t be cool with Trump or all of his billionaire buddies.

The lie sure sounded good though. His supporters ate it up like a bowl of grits. Had Trump never uttered that lie, who knows if he would be where he is today.