What Came First, Donald Trump or Fake News – Here’s Why Republicans Love Fake News So Much

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Most of the things Trump does, don’t look so presidential when reported in the media. Trump’s defensive strategy against these claims is to wedge his fat fingers in his ears, and just call the headlines ‘fake news’.

Yes, it is a very juvenile strategy, but it is working perfectly! Whether it be making up wiretapping fantasies about a previous president, his pitiful golf games, his abysmal polling numbers, everyday it seems the newspaper is tearing Trump a new a-hole! His response is to just call it ‘fake news’.

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We have all employed similar mechanisms to escape trouble. Remember when you threw an eraser at the teacher when her back was turned? When that nerd tells the teacher you threw it, just say he is lying. Your brilliant middle-school playground taunt, has now made it a battle of your word against his. The teacher could force the two of you into a court of law, but the school board would not pay such legal expenses. As a result, the matter fizzles out.

Trump’s finesse with the media is very admirable. Who else could get elected president, while being sued by countless people for both sexual molestation and stealing tuition money from little innocent high school graduates?

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During his life, Trump’s battleground has been the courtroom. Although he never has, he is always threatening to sue people for defamation. Just a few weeks ago, he threatened to sue The New York Times over an article concerning two women accusing Trump of molestation.

He is always threatening to take someone to court if they don’t take that allegation back. However, when they refuse to take it back, Trump doesn’t go through the lawsuit.

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Again, Trump is exercising his manipulation of the media. As in the above example, New York Times runs a story on page four about the accusations of these women. But after Trump creates a big press conference, and announces his “intent” to sue the New York Times, that story gets on page 1. America interprets the real story as not Trump molesting women rather, New York Times making stories up about Trump.


Trump is at war with the media. According to him, New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and CNN are all out to get him. Please tell me one ‘fake news’ story featured in any of those three mediums. You can’t.

‘Fake news’ stories are written by republicans and for republicans. Type ‘fake news site’ in any search engine, and all you will see are websites whose audiences are republicans.

Can you blame them? If you were republican, would you prefer reading truth of fiction? Can you be proud of stories about Donald Trump, or Larry Craig or Junior? It is all dreadfully humiliating. Instead of reading these embarrassing political stories, ‘fake news’ is so much more fun. Anyway, republicans are so saturated in corruption, and shit and embarrassment, they have to make stories up.

‘Fake news’ makes politics entertaining to republicans. Republicans much prefer reading ‘fake news’ than real news. Republicans don’t want to read another story about the latest republican to be found walking down the street in his wife’s wedding dress. Yawn. Not only is a ‘fake news’ story funny, but it reminds republicans of who they should hate, like Hillary and Debbie and Michele.

That is the saddest thing about the power ‘fake news’ has over uneducated people. Look how much they hate. And why? Ask a republican why they hate Debbie Wasserman Schultz so much. Guaranteed, you won’t get a solid answer. A republican will be challenged to give an excuse as to why they hate Hillary that is not easily debunked. But still they hate.

Plus, even a republican has a little pride left in that ash riddled canyon. Reading a fake news story makes a republican feel good. They could imagine, can’t they?

The rest of the world laughs at how idiotic we are. Here is an article from the BusinessInsider UK. It is about how difficult it is to differentiate American fake news and real news headlines.

The blurring of fantasy and reality envelopes a lot more in America than just the news we read. Hell, look at our president!

Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on Amazon.com, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.


  1. This is STUPID!!!! We’ve been fed fake news since before Vietnam war, it’s from the elite who don’t hold to a specific party. Yeah, we were lied to about that too. You ppl need to stop relating all fake news with Republicans too. Do you really not think it happens on the left? Actually more so. Most media outlets are owned by a measly 6 companies who can push ANY narrative they want (And most of those companies are left leaning). The right has Fox, Briebart and what some crappy radio talk shows. HRC and her campaign, big surprise here, Had a BUY-IN dinner with almost 100 different journalists all from left wing news companies. This happened DURING THE PRIMARIES and BEFORE THE ELECTION. If you don’t think something is wrong there, you’re fucking retarded. Here’s why democrats love fake news so much, CUZ YOU DON’T KNOW IT’S FAKE. These ppl claim righteousness and side with civil rights but what do they do when they get in there? Well, the last one barely noticed what happened with Flint, MI and practically yawned when he finally addressed the DAPL crisis, but only after much damage was already done. Then he left it to someone who he fucking knew wasn’t gonna do a god damn thing about it instead of ENDING IT. Work on fixing your end before even thinking about calling out the other, if not the battle’s lost and you just look even more dumb and grasping at whatever.

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