As if building a model train, Trump followed a carefully scripted book of instructions to become our president. Trump has demonstrated to the world how simple becoming president is. Our government will continue to be taken hostage by the loudest and wealthiest candidate every election, if not for education.

If I asked you ‘what is wrong with our president’, I’m sure some of you could create a really long list. In conclusion, we need to take Trump for what he is. He is a salesman. Nothing more and nothing less. He used his skills of persuasion to become our president. Like a vulture, Trump swooped in to the vulnerable, the uneducated and the unemployed. Trump promised them the world.

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This is the game plan orchestrated by Adolf Hitler. As if a bible, Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches on his night table, his ex-wife said in an interview,

“from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed.”   Vanity Fair article.

Donald Trump studied Hitler’s speeches and learned that power could be attained by persuasion alone. To become our president, we don’t need education, experience, or even knowledge.

After all, during the campaign, with a record as filthy as Trumps’, what else did he have? While he was campaigning to be our leader, he was the defendant in a class action law suit for conning innocent high school graduates out of tuition money! He never held an elected office. He dodged the draft. There were countless examples of Donald Trump failing to pay mom and pop vendors for services rendered. Although he ran on hiring Americans, to this day, he continues to employ foreign visa workers. And many other examples of why our president shouldn’t be president.

But he is.

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To the tee, Trump’s campaign echoed Adolf Hitlers’ My New Order. It could be just a coincidence, but that entire book Hitler stresses the importance of the media and propaganda, Trump’s greatest weapons. The book also details a speaking style, identical to Trumps’. The least educated, according to Hitler’s book, is the easiest group to persuade. It is also the largest group of votes, Alternet article.

Thus, Hitler wrote a Become President for Dummies. Most of all, anyone can do it. Whose to say another Trump won’t come around next election, and consequently attract the uneducated with his/her bombastic lies (that they never intend to fulfill), and becomes president?

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Trump became president by stirring that group of citizens who have never voted. They hated democrats and republicans alike. Trump’s vision of a white America, where immigrants are deported, and a fantabulous wall is erected on Mexico’s border, really appealed to this group. Trump struck a chord with these voters.

Trump will easily be re-elected if the same voters come out again for him. However, it is unlikely that such scenario will transpire. Come next election, those voters will discover that their lives are no better. The aspirations that Trump dangled in front of their noses, were never delivered. Trump’s allegiance lies with the wealthy. It is impossible to appease both the wealthy and the poor. Therefore, Trump will reject his supporters. The only way to pay for that wealthy tax break, is to take benefits away from the middle class. As a result, Trump’s promises will go unanswered.

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In order for this lunacy to persist, republicans must keep our education system one of the worst in the world. Conversely, the only way to block another Trump from becoming president, is to improve our education system. That is why, Trump is actively dismantling our nation’s schools, PoliticalHaze article.